Sanyukt 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sam confronts Hetal that she never loved him at all and just wanted an enternal boyfriend. He pours his heart out and says he will get out of her cafeteria and studio and will never come back. He shouts why she broke his heart. He then laughs and says she wanted him to shout like this and get out of her life, but she is wrong, he will not do anything like this. Everyone knows she is a scratching cat and he knows how to handle her, he will not leave her cafeteria and studio at all and will wait for her eternally. He asks to give his studio keys. She shouts if he thinks she will fall for his filmy drama and will not give key. He says he is not her puppet and knows how to handle her. She tries to stop him, but he moves her aside and starts searching keys. Prachi signals him where keys are. He finds keys in a book and leaves asking Prachi to bring Hates coffee for him with a bill.

Tanu in her room thinks where Rahul went without informing her. Rahul goes to doc’s clinic. Doc after checking him says his condition is beyond cure and he cannot handle his case now. He prescribes medicines for temporary relief and asks not to come back again.

Prachi takes coffee for Sam. Hetal stops her. Prachi says he ordered coffee as a customer. She asks not to stay long there and return back soon. Prachi delivers him coffee and tries to leave. He stops her. She says Hetal is wandering in cafeteria fuming and will not spare her if she stays back. Prachi returns. Sam starts staring at Hetal via glass. She angrily walks to him and shouts to stop staring at her. He says he cannot hear her. She yells. He throws flying kiss on her. She fumes, calls her friend and explains something.

Precap: Goons ask Hetal to call her hero, they will break his bones.

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  1. Hetal is so annoying, such an angry spoilt child. I hate when episodes are centred around her.

  2. I don’t like Hetal’s attitude. This is getting too much of a drama now. Should stop and move on.

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