Sanyukt 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rahul remembers the humiliation he faced at the office, and is horribly distressed, when ila comes and starts talking about the recent days in the house. she points out how she is upset not because govardhan left for the ashram because of him and his drunken brawling, but because he went being completely broken and distraught. he begs profusely for an apology, and she asks if he would be able to forgive them too for their mistake, and move on in life, forgetting the past. he stays silent. she says that he expects tp be forgiven but doesnt have the heart to forgive them. he gets tensed. she is apalled, and seeks answers. she asks him why he only blames govardhan always for that one mistake. she says that she was equally contributive and stood by him for his decision. he says that he doesnt have any complaints from her, but he cant forgive his father. she says that they did it for his benefit as she wasnt the right girl, and it was proven when,,,,but he cuts her short saying that he wont bear to hear a word against her. she is stunned into silence. she says that she got her answer, as its been 5 years

In the kitchen, ila asks gayatri why she called maya. the phone rings and niranjan walks in, asking if she knows what gayatri did. then he finds her behind too. As gayatri and ila are together, niranjan comes stomping in, and accuses gayatri of sneaking up behind his back, and doing what she did. he narrates out the entire jeweller’s incident. ila asks her to be quiet, as she is talking., but he insistently asks her why she did so. gayatri gets flustered but then gets enraged, and starts an arguement with him, while ila hears shocked and tensed. she then finally lashes at him saying that the reason or the motive behind her doing this, her doubts have been confirmed today, by the hurry with which he went to maaya to speak to her, meaning he is still in touch with her, and they all are betraying rita. all stand tensedly. gayatri stomps inside. he hurriedly goes in without listening to ila who tries to stop her. he asks gayatri why is she trying to trap him, and if she hates him so much. gayatri taunts him for being so shameless, and for him along with ila to be betraying rita so badly. he asks her to stay away from their marital life, and be in her limits. parimal comes and asks niranjan to behave and talk politely with her. he says that parimal doesnt know what she did. parimal says that he clearly knows what she did. niranjan is shocked, while parimal takes her stand. ila watches this tensedly. niranjan starts clapping and taunts them all, saying that this means its a conspiracy of them all. they get into a heated arguement that ends into a scuffle. finally niranjan slaps him bacxk, even though parimal is elderly. rita comes and asks whats going on. their wives separate them. ila is torn as she begs the ladies to take the husbands inside. but before that happens, niranjan again taunts him, and continues to do so, while gayatri asks parimal not to pay attention. both of them are enraged. they start fighting yet again, as they grab each other’s throats. the ladies are distraught. finally ila screams and separates them, totally apalled, as she collapses on the ground, and asks them to get lost, if they dont want to stay together. she loses her temper and control. rita and gayatri rush to her composure, while she says that she is deafeted in handling her sons. she is crying incoherently, while the sons guiltily look at each other. she says that she cant fulfill the dream of a joint family together, and in anger, asks them to get lost. she tells gayatri that her kids deafeted her. the ladies cry and take ila away. in her room, they give water to her, and make her calm down and sleep, while she doses off crying. rita and gayatri leave. after they leave, she opens back her eyes, and is tensed.

In her room, gayatri attends to niranjan’s wounds, while he still fumes with anger. he sits outside in the sun, while she asks him to get in. but when he doesnt comply, she too says that she shall stay outside only. In their room, while she is dressing the wounds, Rita asks niranjan what did they fight about, and he eyes her tensedly. she is upset and boggled. she asks him about the meeting he went for in the morning, and then why did he fight with parimal when he returned. he says that he isnt in the right frame nor has anything to speak to her MEanwhile, niranjan finally comes in, while she comes and asks that he blames her for whatever happened, and starts self victimisation. he denies and says that he would never want toruble in the family. but parimal says that he knew this would happen, and one day it would get so aggressive and hence was warning her not to get ahead with it. he tells her to leave this maaya incident rightaway. she eyes him tensedly. he gets up and leaves. The screen freezes on her and niranjan’s face.

Precap: Gayatri asks rita not to trust anyone just by talks without having solid evidence regarding the same. she asks how could rita simply believe, what ila told without any logic and that she never even understood nor realised that when niranjan didnt have maya’s number, how did ila get it, how she managed to meet maya, and get it disproven that she and niranjan are linked and asks if she has any proof. rita is set to thinking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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