Sanyukt 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sanyukt 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
before ila can spill the truth, niranjan butts in, and tells rita that she was talking about parimal and how since they are always fighting each other off, hence he

should steer clear from him to avoid unnecessary trouble. rita starts smiling and assures that nothing like that would happen, and how they all shall live as one happy

family. he leaves inside with rita, while ila stands tensedly. she eyes their family picture, and talks to govardhan as to what dilemma she is in, on what to do, side

with her son, or be just to her daughter in life. she is highly worried and boggled whether she shall be able to take the right decision.

The next morning, as sameer is ready for jogging, he hears the alarm incessantly going on in rahul’s room, and wakes him up, and makes him realise the same. while

rahul is reluctant and expresses drowsiness, sameer insistently makes him get up, and they both start jogging together. while talking, sameer talks about how he still

feels guilty about killing his child, and hasnt moved past that. rahul asks him not to blame himself, as he did the right thing at that time. sameer agrees but then

points out that its high time he too lets go of that and forgives his own father, govardhan for the same. this leaves rahul speechless.

MEanwhile, nirajan is sleeping and snoring, while rita tries to come and wake him up for jogging. he is too drowsy to comply, but then when she hears that sameer too

is downstairs to jog, he gets up with an alert so that she doesnt go out alone, and sameer makes another such comment to instigate her yet again. they both go down and

join rahul and sameer. while rahul and sameer try and mock niranjan for his poor shape and lacklustre workout, rita is amused. seeing them happily banter, ila is

happy, that this morning brings a new ray of hope for her, and hopefully their vision of a joint family shall materialise. she goes inside the room, and remembers how

vehemently niranjan had falsified maya’s claims. she decides to talk to her. Maaya gets a call from ila, and she says that the person she had a talk with clearly said

niranjan’s name, then where is the misunderstanding. she asks about the jewellers. maya tells her the name and gives the number. ila decides to talk to the jeweller

herself to find out. but when she dials the given number, she finds that its saved in her cell as gayatri. she is shocked. she decides to talk to her and find out, as

she is boggled wondering why gayatri talked to maya, and that too under a false alias. she goes to her, while gayatri is herself tensed. before she can ask, parimal

steps in, and she goes quiet. parimal observes that gayatri is avoiding ila. ila asks her for food, and she says that she isnt hungry, and also asks ila not to wait up

as she wont eat right now. ila walks out, after gayatri hastily leaves on the pretext of calling uday. after ila is gone, he goes to gayatri and asks why is she

behaving like this with ila, and how her doubt shall one day land her in trouble. they again argue about the same and it ends in a scuffle.

Back in her room, ila is tensed as she didnt get the chance to clarify from gayatri, since parimal came and she couldnt bring up that topic. she turns to govardhan’s

pic, and asks him how does he expect her to maintain peace and togetherness in the family when such issues keep arising from time to time. but she is still hopeful and

relieved that atleast niranjan didnt do any wrong this time around.

Scene 2:
Location: Maaya’s office
Niranjan comes and talks at the reception, asking for maaya to be called down. he is asked to wait in the waiting lobby and he complies. then the receptionist gets

maaya down, and shows her the way to the lobby. she gets inside and is shocked to find niranjan there. she asks how can he be so disgusting. he lashes at her for

misdirecting his mother, remembering the slap she rendered to him. to clear the misunderstanding, she gives him the jeweller’s number. she is about to go, when her

foot slips, and he holds into catch her. in this, the specs fall off her eyes, and he notices a black patch around the eye. she is flustered, while he is shocked to

see it, and is affected too. he caringly asks what happened. she storms out, saying that its noone of his business. then he dials the number, and finds that its

gayatri’s. he is boggled and shocked too. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As gayatri and ila are together, niranjan comes stomping in, and accuses gayatri of sneaking up behind his back, and doing what she did. he narrates out the entire jeweller’s incident. gayatri gets flustered but then gets enraged, and starts an arguement with him, while ila hears shocked and tensed. she then finally lashes at him saying that the reason or the motive behind her doing this, her doubts have been confirmed today, by the hurry with which he went to maaya to speak to her, meaning he is still in touch with her. all stand tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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