Sanyukt 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sanyukt 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
The next morning, by the temple, ila prays to the lord asking her to give her the strength needed to be able to to tell rita the truth, saying that she has no clue

whats going to be the implication of what she does. she says that she has promised rita and cant lie to her. just then, a distraught and dishevelled rita is temsed tat

niranjan did not come, all night and hasnt been picking up the call. ila asks her not to be scared, as everything is okay. rita asks for a doctor, as the kids are

having high fever, and how they are awake and want their father with the doll. she says that she doesnt know what to do. she gives ila her own number. ila takes her

inside, to give the doctor’s number, and then tries it herself, and tells him to come home. she tells rita that he is coming. rita then asks what she wanted to say.

ila lies that she has sent him somewhere. rita asks how for the entire night. ila gives some other excuse and shuts her up, asking her to prioritise the kids first.

In their room, the kids insist on having niranjan. ila assures that he shall come and tries to distract them all. she eyes rita, who is tensed herself. the kids are

taken to ila’s room, while they continue insisting. ila is distraught. she tries niranjan’s number, who was sleeping in the car, having purchased the dolls. he says

that he is right behind the house. she tells him about the kids’ condition, and asks him to come. he says that he wont come till she promises that she wont tell rita.

she gets angry but he stays adamant. he tries to emotionally manipulate her. she is distraught wondering what to do now. she talks to govardhan’s pic to try and get

out of the dilemma. rita again comes and asks if she had a talk with him. ila gets tensed. rita asks again, and also as to why is she so tensed. ila says that she

shall tell the truth. along with rita, ila sits down to explain everything. rita asks her to hurry up. ila eyes her puzzled. rita reprimands ila as to how she is

prioritising her owrk over the condition of the kids, and asks her to tell him to come home asap. saying so, she hastily rushes out. ila is tensed.

Gayatri serves tea to parimal, while hastily trying to go to ila, but he makes her sit down citing some work. he starts talking about the colours of the puna flat. she

gets tensed. again they get into a verbal discussion, as she tries to skirt off the issue. but he is insistent. she thinks that painting shall take a week, so that she

can prolong it. she says that she didnt like it. he asks her to select one. but she asks him to get more options. when he resists, she tries to emotionally manipulate

him. he understands what she is trying to do, and reprimands her for not trying to be over smart. there is a knock and he goes to check. The doctor arrives, and rita

hastily takes him in.

MEanwhile, niranjan eyes the pics of his kids, and is highly emotional. inside, the doctor treats her and then administers the kids with meds. bijal is detected with

viral, and the doctor prescribes whatever is needed to, adding some reports too. he then leaves. gayatri assures that the kids shall be fine. rita hastily goes in to

be with them. then gayatri talks to ila and asks her not to worry, as the kids would be fine. she understands that its more than whats boggling ila.

Later, ila calls him, and niranjan hastily asks questions. he continues to be emotional, while she says that she cant listen to this, as she cant lie to rita. gayatri

comes and hears this, that he has betrayed rita and she shall tell her about maya. she is shocked, while ila collapses. she is tensed.

Later, when he doesnt return at all, rita starts getting tensed. gayatri comes and checks on the kids. she tries to feed them too. the kids insistence makes her

irritated furthermore. ila comes and the kids ask her to get him. rita too asks her for the phone number of the place where she has sent him. ila remains silent an d

then goes inside. rita asks whats going on. gayatri distracts rita while ila rushes away. rita vents out her frustration, gayatri goes to check on ila. but she shuts

the door on her. she understands that ila is tensed about maya case, while rita doesnt understand. she wonders how to explain it to her. The screen freezes on her

tensed face.

Precap: rita comes and apologises to ila, for having misbehaved with her the earlier day, even though she wasnt at fault, and was herself tensed. gayatri comes and

tells her that ila isnt angry or miffed at her at all. she asks ila to speak up. she finally blurts out that she mey maya last night. rita is stunned into silence.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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