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Sanyukt 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parimal tells Ila that he will correct himself and his thinking and will not object if Rita does acting. Rita cries seeing Falak and Bejal drawing family. During dinner, Ila asks Gayatri where is Rita. Gayatri says she will bring Rita. Door bell rings. Gayatri opens door and is surprised to see Niranjan and Rita behind him. She greets them in. Family is surprised to see Niranjan. Rita says she cannot accept Niranjan as her husband, but can accept him as her children’s father and sanyukt parivar/united family’s member. They all hug Niranjan.

Bapuji in temple sees a man lashing himself and entertaining people He takes lasher and lashes himself in front of idol. Family enjoys and Ila says it would have been good if their bapuji would have been with us. Hetal enters with Prachi angrily. Sam asks what happened. Prachi says Hetal got a message and headed taxi towards here. Hetal shows message if she wants to meet her father’s murderer, she should reach Sam’s house. Sam checks number and says it is Bapuji’s number. Hetal shouts where is her father’s murderer.

Bapuji enters and says he is here. Ila gets emotional seeing him and hugs him. He pampers her. She sees blood on his clothes and asks if he is hurt. He says this blood is his repention. Children touch his feet except Rahul. He hugs Rahul and says he did a big sin by separating Tanu and Rahul, the doctor who is treating Rahul is his friend and assured that Rahul will be fine with proper treatment. Hetal shouts at Tanu that Rahul is her boyfriend then, she will not let her married to Rahul and drags her. Bapuji says he is her sinner and she can punish him and let Rahul and Tanu marry and even she should get back to Sam forever. He will shoot himself as a punishment, pointing gun on his throat. He shoots, but Hetal pulls his hand away. Hetal cries that she knows the pain of losing father and cannot let his children go through same, else her father’s upbringing would have been questioned. Bapuji says he will take care of her like a father whole life, she should forgive him.

Tanu tells Hetal if papa was alive, even he would have asked same, she should agree. Whole family requests her with folding hands. Hetal hugs Ila emotionally. Parimal hugs Uday. Hetal hugs Bapuji next. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Whole family smiles. Bapuji thanks god. Serial ends with Bapuji’s dream of sanyukt parivar coming true.

Serial ends with Bapuji’s dream of sanyukt parivar coming true and whole family uniting happily.

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  1. Whaaaat? It finished why?


    It was good show. But after bapuji left show, show trp fall down. And that why show ended.

  3. Yes it’s ended and aisi deewangi will replace it

  4. I loved this show… the only Zee one I truly looked forward to seeing (except Hetal episodes…she was too annoying). disappointed in this ending. I was hoping to see weddings, see the future of the family. Lovely family drama…just over now. One of the few Indian soaps where mil treating dil bad or other way, or someone trying to steal someone else’s wealth/status…this was just about life …real life. I will miss this serial.

  5. VINAL

    Nice Show ended with positive note sanyukt parivaar

  6. Fenil

    Amazing show end
    Loved it ???

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