Santoshi Maa 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh & nidhi’s marriage celebration begins.

Santoshi Maa 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh blaming swati for disturbing celebration but swati tells him it was only my wish to return you the ring & wish for your future life.
Polomi is shouting police officer that you can’t put me jail but officer is pushing her & santoshi mata comes to help her release from police station giving court orders.
Swati’s mother is asking swati where had you been & she tells her I had being to wish indresh for his good future.
Santoshi mata tells polomi that whatever you do fails so think that you were going to jail instead joining humans which is disgusting as per your status but polomi is blaming santoshi mata it’s because of you I was going to jail as if you had not interfered then nobody had guts to arrest me so santoshi mata tells her you are right as you should concentrate in gods compound instead going to earth & so such thinks making you ashamed of yourself but polomi says you feel blessed about it because you have your devotees & temples where people perform Pooja & meditate for you so I too feel to have temples & people should come to me too to do meditation of me & santoshi mata tells her you may be an asoor daughter but married to devraj indra a god of which you should have pride & respect of. Polomi says humans have both the points evil or good & I was only doing my duty towards evil which you too will understand in coming days who is better. But why should wait till end as you have already lost because your devotee swati is in pains who is still crying & on other side my devotee who is so happy so you think for whom to meditate by humans & so now I’ll enjoy indresh’s & nidhi’s married life’s celebration & she leaves.
Swati is resting while her mother comes to wake her as she wakes shockingly saying indresh I’ll bring tea but finds mother so mother tries to calm her & she explains her it’ll heal as per time passes so not to worry while santoshi mata is watching her.
Indresh is getting ready while devi polomi comes saying today will be very hard day for swati as well as devi santoshi.
Dev rishi is searching santoshi mata to give important information but can’t find & thinks is it because today is indresh’s marriage so she must have hidden then how to search her he thinks & he meditates for her but then too does not find her & wondering how to search & asks mata paravati to help him as paravati mata comes to meet dev rishi & he is asking her where can be santoshi mata but paravati mata too disappears & dev rishi becomes more restless thinking what is this happening without answering paravati mata also went.
Celebration is going on in indresh’s house as all family members are busy in arranging everything.
Swati is praying mata santoshi for giving power to handle everything today.
Nidhi arrives getting ready in her costume of marriage while indresh too is waiting ready for her. Indresh asks parents now are you happy that i am marrying with your wishes while nidhi says now it’s my duty how to make your parents happy as I am not swati who has entered into family deliberately They both are exchanging garlands on each other’s body.
Swati’s father comes informing that taxi is ready & swati is explaining her father that today I am feeling relaxed due to indresh getting married again & I am not feeling bad or broken about it while mother tells her the aarti you do makes you calm from your heart like your mata santoshi does.
Mata santoshi is sitting depressingly while paravati mata comes searching her saying I know whenever such incidence happens then you come here to mourn your devotee’s bad phase but why are you not coming ahead & santoshi mata’s tears are falling down due to her devotee swati’s bad phase & mata paravati feels if santoshi cries this way then she’ll go in the depth of it.
Marriage celebration is happening with all rituals while polomi arrives in one of their guests body. Polomi says I like this kind of atmosphere in which nobody will know who I am & also says that santoshi devi you must be watching this & if you would had being here I would had being very happy.
Paravati telling santoshi to stop this as all hurt you can’t take on your own of whole of the earth & santoshi tells her I could not help her which makes me feel very hurt & I also could not stop her happy life getting destroyed with indresh due to devi polomi who won so paravati calms her saying you have done right as swati & indresh’s life had to be faced this which was fate, yes but due to devi polomi came in between they had to face lot of hurdles.
Santoshi mata explains everything to brahmadev & he too is explaining her which has happened due to devi polomi who has to face trouble in future about her evils.
Santoshi mata was explaining mata paravati about what happened when discussed with brahamdev so he knows all about what devi polomi did.
Devi polomi uses her one more trick entering guests body & murmuring indresh’s ears & comes out again. Indresh’s mother asks her what you said in indresh’s ears & she tells her nothing to worry. Indresh video calls swati to make her jealous showing how he is getting married showing his celebration live of taking rounds around fire god but swati’s brother tries to stop her seeing the video but she refuses saying let me see how he is getting married. Santoshi mata is crying due to swati’s pains.

Precap : Santoshi mata asks brahmadev for how much time my devotee has to suffer & brahmadev says if indresh gets married then evil powers will rule on him so if your devotee is attached to him then evil powers might end. Santoshi mata advises devi polomi to not to interfere in indresh & swati’s personal life but polomi replies that this is not possible as indresh & swati cannot come together again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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