Santoshi Maa 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati feels disturbed due to Indresh’s absence.

Santoshi Maa 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Samiksha & Indresh visit another site which is impressive for Indresh who appreciates her calibre of handling choices of locations. She asks Indresh to give her his phone due to her being out of range & she smartly switch off’s his phone returning back to him thinking now Swati won’t call him.

Swati’s mother in law is trying to stop her from not working or her health will suffer but she says if she does not work then how child will get movement in her stomach. Swati asks her if Indresh called her but she says not yet & if she is remembering him then to call him & Swati tries calling him but finds switched off then tries on Samiksha’s phone but no response hence feels depressed but in the meantime Devesh comes along with Abhay & his uncle who inform them that his leg is being plastered due to fracture hence won’t be allowed to walk for almost 45 days & hearing this Swati is shocked.

Indresh is checking accounts in which he finds discrepancies hence asks the accountant about details but the accountant is unable to clarify so the truth opens up that he was misleading accounts by earning hefty commission of purchases. Samiksha actually had planned all this hence signals the accountant & he pleads Indresh while Indresh tells him to plead the owner Samiksha but she says that there is no such owner as in fact it’s all your powers to take decision while the accountant pleads Indresh to forgive him.

Samiksha’s father calls her for enquiry keeping the speaker on & she praises about Indresh to him which is heard by Singhasan including everybody & Swati also. Samiksha says that this work only Indresh can handle which is quite impressive due to whom all hidden accounting is found & he praises Indresh too but tells her to give him the phone noticing Swati wishing to talk to him but she tricks him saying some network problem it seems so will call later & switch off’s the phone while Swati becomes very depressed & runs in her room.

Swati is sitting on her bed crying because of Indresh not spoke to her while Mata comes sitting besides her & she is trying to calm her for not affecting her child’s growth.

Samiksha & Indresh are sitting for dinner in a dhaba while some dancers also arrive. A woman is dancing singing song while Indresh is assuming of Swati in her & they both are dancing together. Samiksha finds him lost in some thought hence touches him & he comes out of his dreams telling her he thought about Swati & he calls Swati.

Swati picks Indresh’s call saying now he has got the time but as soon as she picks he tells her here there is so much work due to which he couldn’t get time to call but she says that you didn’t spoke with me earlier also & if Devesh does not return till one & half month then how can I stay without you but he says there is lot of work hence can’t leave Samiksha alone & tells her that you had only sent me here so now I am stuck but she says that now I am telling you to return but he shouts her saying that don’t speak like a fool & she is shocked to hear such words from him while Mata also feels depressed about her condition.

Precap: Devi Polomi tells Mata Santoshi that let this fight tackle Swati & Indresh on their own & in this Kalyug world Menka is Samiksha & Vishwamitra is Indresh. Indresh writes name of Swati on mud in wake of his love while Samiksha swipes the name with her feet. Swati tells her mother in law she’ll convince Indresh tomorrow anyhow. Samiksha thinks that now a small mistake will create huge disturbance in both of their lives.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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