Santoshi Maa 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi polomi is using her powers on nidhi & indresh .

Santoshi Maa 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with swati wakes up shockingly feeling fishy happening of indresh & nidhi so she starts knocking the door where she is locked & all get up hearing her voice while swati keeps pleading to open the door & indresh’s father is shouting her but tells all to go & sleep while let her keep shouting. Indresh’s uncle tells her wife to let’s go to sleep as she thinks how much all are torturing swati. Swati keeps crying for indresh.
Indresh is walking with nidhi discussing about marriage while somebody holds his hands & he looks finding swati so he takes her name & nidhi gets shocked so devi polomi comes to help nidhi & tells her to keep him tight & nidhi applies a powder on his face given bu polomi to divert his attention saying you should not think about swati now & he says yes but looks behind & swati is not seen by him.
Nidhi & indresh come to her house & her father is asking her where were you so she tells him just had some walk while her father looks their hands in hands & feeling it’s wrong or might be she is taking revenge with indresh so I have to stop this & he calls her bur she refuses & she takes her to make him sleep. Nidhi sees message on her mobile & plans to stop swati’s interference now in his life.
Indresh wakes up seeing nidhi’s ear ornaments near him & she comes bringing tea for him but he asks her what is this & what had happened yesterday night as he tries remembering what had happened yesterday night so she tells him whatever happens after marriage & he is shocked telling her it can’t & she tells him you had only said you love me so it happened but he is confused & she tells him to get ready as Brahman has come down & she is deciding about marriage of indresh & her at proper ritual time to take out from Brahman & he provides accordingly but her father is shocked & he asks nidhi about talking but she refuses saying no time now as lot work to be done.
Swati is shouting from her room pleading to let her meet once to indresh but indresh’s father ties her with the chair also shutting her mouth with a cloth in her room & indresh’s uncle’s wife to trying to stop indresh’s father but his uncle stops her.
Nidhi & Indresh come to his father’s house while his father was locking the door of swati’s room & feels if indresh must not have seen swati I guess but indresh asks his mother for tea & his father happily tells it’s your house so why not & asks him how’s your health & also his aunty shouts asking him “how’s your health indresh” & swati understands this that indresh has arrived so he replies as ok now.
Indresh gives his father a document & his father asks what is this so he tells him it’s divorce papers of me & swati which I have signed & take swati’s sign too because if I go there than I may be attacked by anybody while his uncle’s wife asks him what are you doing but his father shouts her saying it’s his correct decision & you do not have to interfere in this. Indresh’s father is delighted telling I am very happy but nidhi tells him there is one more news & he asks what is it so indresh tells him we are getting married & his father as well as his mother are very delighted & happy. Indresh’s father asks him when you are getting married & he says tomorrow itself.

Precap : Santoshi mata is telling dev rishi that swati is in some big problems but dev rishi tells her what can we do without our powers while mahadev informs paravati mata that santoshi’s devotee is in problems because indresh’s marriage is happening tomorrow. Indresh’s father is showing swati papers of divorce given by indresh & tells her to sign it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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