Santoshi Maa 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Indresh is getting instigated by Samiksha’s plans.

Santoshi Maa 6th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati is feeling lot of movement of child in her stomach which makes her feel very excited smiling in front of Santoshi Mata while Mata asks her why she is smiling hence she tells her this is great experience of feeling child’s movement which reminds her about Indresh.

Samiksha uses her trick of trying to fall hence Indresh holds her & she feels thinking this was great to bring him close to her.

Mata is realizing Samiksha’s plans with Indresh while Swati asks her in what thought she is & Mata tells her that your child’s movement must be of reminding both of you it seems.

Samiksha & Indresh fall in wet mud slipping while walking & they start enjoying the fall & some children’s are also enjoying to see both of them. Indresh tells them to give water pipe & both of them are spilling water on each other but all these incidences are clicked by a person whom Samiksha has planted thinking that this will be good to show Swati.

Mata is realizing Samiksha’s planning hence she tells Swati that now you have to see Indresh should be besides you always but she tells her that once Devesh recovers he’ll go & immediately Indresh will come back.

A woman comes in temple & falls down taking name of Mata while Swati & Mata in disguise try to handle her but her husband comes running to pick her. He is blaming her telling Swati that she is my wife & she came here forcing herself for Pray Mata or she won’t marry me hence I have come here to take her away but she is unconscious while Mata is recollecting the incidences had happened between them & understands that he abused & slapped her. Swati takes help from Honey for water to spill on her telling her get up as you are in Mata’s temple & everything will become alright but she isn’t getting up hence Mata touches her hand on her forehead which makes her conscious. Mata explains her injustice is crime but to keep suffering is more crime hence she gets power to face the challenge & she slaps him saying she won’t at all marry him who was deliberately trying to marry her & also accusing her parents hence people over there watching this start hitting him throwing out of the temple. The woman thanks Mata for helping her while Mata tells Swati to take promise in front of Mata that you won’t ever bend down on a lie if at all it’s from your own family & she promises her.

Samiksha & Indresh are sitting near fire while Indresh is blowing the fire stick but his one eye gets affected due to fire’s carbon & Samiksha comes close to him for blowing the carbon from his eyes while this is also clicked by the person.

Swati is thinking of Indresh feeling the movement of her child in their house & also getting jerks continuously while her mother in law is also enjoying her feelings of child.

Precap: Indresh & Samiksha are enjoying dance at the time of dinner. Swati is telling Indresh on phone that one month will be very difficult for her to stay away from him while Mata is unknowingly sitting besides her. Indresh says to not to talk foolish & no further arguments as there is lot of work here & Swati is shocked about his behaviour while Mata wonders.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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