Santoshi Maa 6th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati & her child is saved due to Mata Santoshi’s blessings.

Santoshi Maa 6th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata Santoshi becomes wild creating her huge form while Devi Polomi is shocked & Mata warns her saying that it was several times told to you to stay away from my devotee & her child then too you ignored so this will convert into our war now instead Devi Polomi also becomes alert to fight with her saying that don’t’ think I am helpless & her Guru is chanting mantra for her security.

Mata Paravati intimates Prabhu Mahadev to stop Devi Santoshi from this war or it’ll be difficult to stop her while all Tridev Gods & Mata’s also insists Prabhu Mahadev to help in stopping this war but he shouts saying nobody will interfere to stop this & he also won’t take part in this to stop Devi Santoshi from doing this war.

Mata Santoshi & Devi Polomi begin their war while the entire surrounding is facing tremor of their war effect.

Swati is rushed to hospital by Indresh & all other family members who are also along with him for his support.

The war is in process between Mata Santoshi & Devi Polomi while Mata Paravati along with all Gods & Goddesses bless Mata Santoshi saying to keep pride of Gods & come out winning this war.

Devi Polomi falls down several times by Mata Santoshi’s attack hence Mata tells her this is always happening because the winner is always truth which you can’t defeat as you tried all sorts of attempts to kill my devotee & her child but in vain hence you are liable to be punished but Devi Polomi uses her powers due to her Guru’s mantra chanting & gets up picking her weapon again to counter attack.

Swati is taken in ICU while Indresh is insisting doctor to save Swati & their child with deep emotions. Indresh watches Swati feeling uneasy for breathing hence intimates emotionally to his father but goes near Mata’s idol & begins praying for safety of Swati & his child.

Mata attacks Devi Polomi by which she falls down again & Mata takes her Trishul towards her powers to end & is about to kill her putting her legs on Devi Polomi but Prabhu Mahadev stops her & all Gods & Goddesses also arrive there. Prabhu Mahadev tells Mata Santoshi that you are Devi of silence & calm hence you aren’t a Devi to kill anybody so spare her life & Mata stops from killing Devi Polomi. Devraj Indra arrives to thank Mata Santoshi as well as Prabhu Mahadev for sparing Devi Polomi’s life & tells Devi Polomi to go to Swarglok but Prabhu Mahadev stops telling him she won’t go to Swarglok instead she has to attend our meeting in her subject because she had a done a big crime by attacking Devi Santoshi’s devotee & a helpless child in her stomach so her decision will be taken in this meeting hence Devraj agrees his decision. Mata takes permission from Prabhu Mahadev to make her devotee’s family stable & he permits her.

Mata comes near Indresh who is praying in front of Mata’s idol in hospital holding the Diya due to which his hands is also affected with burns hence Mata appreciates his devotion towards his wife Swati & blesses him with healing his burns. Mata also sees Swati where her conditions also become stable due to her blessings & doctor informs Singhasan who then informs Indresh happily & Indresh runs towards Swati.

Mata puts hands on Swati’s heads while Swati feels more better saying she is feeling some Godly soul near her & prays Mata for blessing her while all Gods & Goddesses too bless her including Shri Ganesh also & Mata says this blessings are also from all Gods to you.

Indresh becomes very emotional telling Swati of accepting his mistake for ignoring her in such situation which won’t happen ever now while Swati is calming him lovingly & Lovely also jokes to make the atmosphere jolly but Samiksha leaves in anger.

Precap: Swati along with family members are performing prayers of Mata Santoshi while Mata is watching them happily. Swati prays Mata insisting her to give her blessings by showing herself & they all face a bright light due to Mata emerging for Swati’s prayers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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