Santoshi Maa 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Indresh leaves with Samiksha while Swati feels child’s movement.

Santoshi Maa 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishi complaining Mata of Indresh leaving Swati for which she has given permission to go with Samiksha which is wrong but Mata tells him this is happening due negative powers being surrounded besides her.

Indresh is in depressed mood while Swati is cheering him saying that it’ll hardly take some days as after Devesh’s recovery he’ll come & you return immediately but he still complains her about her decision that’s why he is going or he wouldn’t had accepted to leave her but Swati tells him all are there to take care of her including father in law too taking utmost care.

Samiksha thanks Devesh while he reminds her to not to forget about her commitment to give him one resort in exchange of achieving Indresh hence she assures him accordingly.

All of them are bidding good bye to Indresh & Samiksha while Indresh is nervous to leave Swati who steers him in deep emotions but finally he leaves with Samiksha.

Swati’s mother in law watching Swati in depression hence cheers her & tells her to join her in kitchen. Indresh’s mother also watches Singhasan in happier mood wondering why he is smiling so much.

Anju along with Lovely are chatting with Swati & her mother in law about Swati’s pregnancy while Lovely is about to go & give breakfast to Devesh but Swati takes the plate to go & while walking she feels little movement in her stomach which makes her smile.

Dev Rishi praises Swati’s pregnancy to Mata who also talks about her pregnancy & child’s movement which is real great experience to enjoy.

Samiksha is watching Indresh who is silently driving hence thinks of waiting somewhere to attract him hence tells him to wait at nearby Dhaba but he instead tells her it’s dark now so if feeling hungry then to eat what Swati has given & she takes to eat Paratha’s while Indresh praises Swati’s preparation of Paratha’s & Samiksha feeds him too.

Rinky is chatting with Devesh about their plans which should be executed properly or Samiksha will achieve Indresh & run away while they’ll be left empty handed but he assures her she won’t betray because she is in his clutches.

Swati comes near Rinky’s room having smile on her face due to the movement in her stomach while Rinky & Devesh hears her sound becoming alert. Swati knocks the door while Rinky wonders if Swati heard their chat but after opening the door Swati gives her the plate of Breakfast hence they feel relaxed.

All are enjoying breakfast while Samiksha’s father jokes with Singhasan that if he would had a son then he would had squeezed Swati for his son & Singhasan says take her away if you wish because he do not have any problems & Samiksha’s father is shocked including everybody but he again says that I never knew you too joke around.

Swati is unable to sleep reminding about Indresh but gets up to eat something finding some sweets being kept & appreciating her mother in law for keeping it.

Samiksha is showing all the sites to Indresh while Swati takes permission from mother in law & visits temple of Mata to meet her Santoshi Didi. Santoshi Mata in disguise meets Swati & sits to chat with her.

Precap: Indresh is splashing water on Samiksha which she is enjoying but somebody is being planted behind them by her to click their photographs for showing it to Swati. Mata in disguise is telling Swati to take promise in front of your Mata that you’ll never bend down in front of a lie & she promises her accordingly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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