Santoshi Maa 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati slips banging on her stomach.

Santoshi Maa 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati is reading book of Santoshi Mata along with Indresh sitting besides her while the whole family has also sat joining her to hear. The reading of book finishes & both of them put flowers in front of Mata Santoshi’s photo praying her but Samiksha is under stress.

Samiksha tells Swati that you must be feeling happy Indresh joined you but still Pooja is yet to complete while Swati says Pooja will be performed along with Indresh taking part in it but Samiksha says if at all Pooja is performed then too Indresh will come with me to Delhi & Swati says he won’t come I very well know this. Samiksha says men get attracted to beauty which I have hence he’ll surely come with me but Swati says if he comes then I’ll think he wasn’t mine but I know he won’t come because he was always mine & in future also will always be with me hence Samiksha gets bugged watching her confidence.

Swati goes near temple & lights Diya for beginning of Pooja while Samiksha is becoming restless thinking how to disturb this Pooja & Devi Polomi arrives instigating her saying you are right that this Pooja must be stopped & you’ll do whatever I wish because you are the only weapon for me to kill Swati’s child hence she uses her powers to bring Samiksha in her control & also flows wind with her powers on Diya in Pooja plate held by Swati due to which dark wind blows making all of them wonder & the Diya is about to blow off but Swati & Indresh cover with their hands & wind is stopped by Devi Polomi while Swati finds there is no oil left in Diya so goes to bring it from kitchen but Samiksha watching this follows her & brings some oil from another room spilling on her path. Swati is returning holding oil jar in her hand & Devi Polomi says addressing Swati to keep walking for the end of your child’s life & Swati while walking from the same path puts her legs on spilt oil which makes her slip shouting for help calling Indresh while Indresh comes running to hold her but in vain as she bangs on her stomach badly which makes Samiksha happy & Devi Polomi says it’s end of the child now. Mata Santoshi is shocked watching this flowing tears from her eyes & immediately she leaves while Dev Rishi also follows her.

Swati is taken immediately to hospital while she is deep pain but Indresh is calming her.

Mata Santoshi arrives to Singhasan’s place but Devi Polomi meets her saying that after all you came but it’s too late for you to come because you have to face the end of your devotee’s child’s life while Dev Rishi is cursing her for doing such a disgusting evil deed but Devi Polomi says this was ought to happen because the child who was blessed by all Gods, Tridevi’s for end of Asoors had to face such kind of end whom now nobody can save. Mata Santoshi breaks her silence telling Devi Polomi that you have done a very cruel act for which you won’t be spared but do not think my devotee if at all helpless can’t fight this trouble while Devi Polomi says then accept my challenge of you saving the child & myself will see to it that this won’t happen & Mata is silent but very wildly steering her so Devi Polomi says I understand you won’t accept because you have become helpless but Mata finally accepts her challenge.

Precap: Mata Parvati intimates Prabhu Mahadev that Devi Polomi is instigating Devi Santoshi for war hence if she starts war with her then it’ll be difficult to stop Devi Santoshi so she should be stopped before starting the war itself but Prabhu Mahadev says nobody will do anything nor anybody will stop Devi Santoshi from doing war.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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