Santoshi Maa 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Asoor woman Putna is arrested by Mata Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata Santoshi says to Shri Ganesh that Devi Polomi is capable of falling down with her filthy behaviour at any level to use her final attack & he tells her to be alert of smallest thing which can also happen if ignored mistakenly & she assures him accordingly.

Guru Shukracharya tells Devi Polomi that there will be atleast one human in that house unnoticeable from Gods whose body can be used to steal those flowers & Devi Polomi appreciates Guru’s brains for showing her right path & plans of using that person’s body due to whom they won’t get the flowers & also blessings of Shri Ganesh.

Mata Santoshi holding the pure water Kalash & Dev Rishi are standing on the roof of Singhasan’s house while Dev Rishi asks Mata that how they’ll recognize whose body Putna is using & what kind of water is this & she explains him this is Tridev’s pure water if splashed on any person the evil person in him gets recognized immediately. Singhasan comes out of his house talking with somebody while Dev Rishi tells Mata to try him if by any chance Putna is using him & she tries but Singhasan feels Gods are blessing him & returns inside while Putna isn’t in him they realize. Then they try on Abhay along with Samiksha & Devesh but they fail to locate Putna. Samiksha becomes restless sharing her thoughts to Devesh while Dev Rishi wonders asking Mata whom Putna must be using & Mata tells him it can be any evil thought person or a very clean person with simple thoughts.

Swati is arranging lighted Diya’s for decoration while Indresh is helping her to decorate the same properly but Honey comes watching them noticing the flowers kept on the table & enters inside their room in weird manner.

Devi Polomi says to Guru that Putna has already began her work moving towards her goal while Guru tells her to be very alert for anyhow disturbing the Pooja of Shri Ganesh which is your main motive & she tells him Putna is very smart in this kind of work using Honey’s body to catch hold of those flowers which is appreciable whom Tridevi’s or Devi Santoshi also can’t predict that person.

Dev Rishi wonders telling Mata to search quickly who that person is which can be used by Putna while Mata says that now we have to search from our view powers. Honey moves slowly towards the flower basket kept on the table while Swati watches asking what he is doing here & he appreciates the flowers hence Swati again gets busy but Honey is moving ahead touching the same & immediately Mata along with Dev Rishi emerge using powers to make Swati & Indresh still & guarding the flower basket with her powers which shocks Honey who is actually Putna & Mata clutches intimating her to stop wherever she is but Dev Rishi notices the flowers she has touched are being damaged hence Putna warns Mata to release her or she’ll create furore in this place but Mata along with Dev Rishi take her away from there to Tridevi’s.

Swati & Indresh arrange all the Diya’s & leave together towards the house temple for starting Pooja while Samiksha wonders thinking how to bring hurdle in their Pooja.

Mata Santoshi intimates Tridevi’s about Putna whom she had brought to them of how she damaged the flowers while Tridevi’s arrest Putna too intimating Mata Santoshi to now take care of her devotee for performing this Pooja without any disturbance because still Devi Polomi is free & she leaves.

Rangani & Tarangni inform Devi Polomi now Putna is also arrested then how this Pooja will be disturbed or will Devi Santoshi win? But Devi Polomi gets up shouting saying this Pooja will never be successful.

Swati begins Shri Ganesh’s Pooja by reading story book of Gods while Samiksha is becoming restless within herself talking about how to tackle Swati.

Precap: Devi Polomi uses her powers on Samiksha to bring in her control. Samiksha spills oil on Swati’s path while Swati slips banging on her stomach & Mata Santoshi is shocked watching this. Indresh is taking Swati to hospital while Devi Polomi is arguing with Mata Santoshi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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