Santoshi Maa 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi sleeping. Tau wakes his wife Daksha and asks for tea. Daksha says I will ask Santoshi to make tea. She takes her child and hugs. She lets her other daughter sleep. She goes to see Santoshi. She shouts on her asking her to wake up. Madhvi comes and brings a vessel. They throw it to wake up Santoshi. Santoshi wakes up and prays. Daksha says enough, make tea for everyone, did your mother teach you. Madhvi asks her to first get milk.

Santoshi goes to the cow to get milk. Dadi comes there and holds Santoshi. She asks Daksha to have some pity. Daksha says we all do some work, Riddhima used to do work of getting milk and making tea. Dadi teaches Santoshi how to get cow milk. Dadi goes to help Santoshi in making tea. Daksha scolds her. Santoshi makes tea and gives everyone.

Santoshi makes milk ready for Daksha’s child. The child cries. Santoshi feeds the milk to the boy. She keeps Santoshi Mata pic and prays. Santoshi asks for some food. Daksha feeds her daughter Bitto and Santoshi looks on sad. She recalls how Riddhima used to feed her food by love. Dadi scolds Daksha for treating Santoshi like this. Daksha gives left over food. Santoshi says its fine, food should be wasted, Bitto left food and I will eat it. Santoshi gets just bit of roti and left over milk. Dadi gets sad.

Santoshi hears Daksha is sending Bitto to school. Madhvi makes her son ready for school. Santoshi eats fast to go school. Tau and Chacha leave for work. The rickshaw driver comes and takes the kids. He asks for Santoshi. Daksha says she is not coming, go. Santoshi comes running and says stop, I have to go school. Madhvi asks who will wash utensils and sweep the house, who will do work, your dead parents. Daksha asks who will pay fees for your school. Dadi scolds them and hugs Santoshi.

Dadi says you both took her parents share and asking this. Madhvi says we are saying so that Santoshi gets married in good home. She asks Santoshi to finish work and then go to school. Santoshi happily agrees. They give all utensils to Santoshi. Santoshi washes the utensils. Madhvi brings more utensils and asks does she not love her, clean utensils well. Santoshi washes the utensils. She sweeps the house and asks permission to go school. Madhvi sees time and laughs as its 2pm, school is over. The kids come back and tell Santoshi that school is over, master will beat you. Santoshi says she missed school because of them. Madhvi and Daksha scold them.

Daksha says you will never go school, and stay here to do all the work. The kids get glad and smile. Narad sees this and asks Mata why is she testing Santoshi, he hopes Santoshi has hope and satisfaction. Mata says don’t worry, it will be all good.

Santoshi cries recalling Vinayak’s words to make her doctor. She hugs Dadi and tells what Vinayak told about education importance. She asks why did Tai ji stop me. Dadi cries. She asks Vinayak not to forget how to fight with problems, sometimes there is tough situation, you have to win, Lord helps those who help themselves. Santoshi says I want to learn. Dadi reminds Mahabharat and Eklavya, and asks her to learn from things around her. She asks her to trust Mata. The kids give their books and ask Santoshi to do their homeworks. Bitto and Guddu scold Santoshi and talk to Dadi in bad way. Dadi says they are like their parents.

Dadi asks Santoshi not to do their homework. Santoshi says she will learn by doing homework. She smiles. She takes lantern and sits doing homework in her assumed class. Narad and Mata smile seeing her. Narad tells Mata that her Leela is great.


Daksha asks Santoshi to get wood from jungle, else she will throw Dadi’s medicines. Mata meets Santoshi in human form, and says she will drop her home. Daksha beats Santoshi, and marks come on Mata.

Update Credit to: Amena

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