Santoshi Maa 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update – Shri Ganesh cautious Mata Santoshi about Asoor woman Putna.

Santoshi Maa 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Honey dashes with Samiksha who gets wild on him in fit of rage due to her actual anger being on Indresh’s turn around of behaviour towards Swati.

Singhasan watching this explains Samiksha to not to lose temper on poor person because of somebody else’s anger while she says that after watching Swati convincing Indresh how can you calm me but he says this was ought to happen that’s why it had to pre-planned because in several occasions this has happened earlier too in their case hence nobody is able to divide both of them hence to create hurdle in this Pooja anyhow while Samiksha assures him she’ll do.

Swati is arranging all the Pooja materials near house temple for Shri Ganesh’s Pooja while keeps flowers given to her by Santoshi Didi separately which is to be offered by both of them on Shri Ganesh’s idol. Swati is searching Kapoor material while Indresh dashes her due to which Sindoor flows from the plate in his hands on Swati & plate falls down but Indresh & Swati keep watching each other in deep emotions & all of them come to see what happened while Indresh’s mother, Lovely & Anju are smiling but Samiksha gets wild watching this. Honey tells Indresh it was smart way to apply Sindoor on Swati’s forehead while they realize & Indresh intimates to let’s arrange quickly but Swati smiles watching Samiksha & all of them disburse.

Samiksha plans to get some idea for creating trouble in Pooaj hence enters inside the kitchen where all ladies are preparing food items for Pooja Bhog & asks them the importance of preparing such Bhog while her father explains her for not to make any silly mistake in front of God’s or Goddess in offering Bhog or they get angry on us hence Samiksha cooks some plans in her brains.

Swati catches Samiksha to talk something but she gets angry on her saying to speak fast as she doesn’t have time but Swati says that I know you must be angry on watching Indresh putting Sindoor but this was ought to happen because I had told you earlier whatever happens but he’ll come on his right path again bringing everything again in normalcy which you aren’t still understanding because such incidences we have faced in our lives lot of times hence this relation isn’t so simple to break for somebody which is built facing lot of pains in life so to see that Indresh will perform this Pooja with me & later on everything will become comfortable in our lives while Samiksha hearing this gets wild shouting on her to stop saying anything more & leaves from there.

Devi Polomi is angry asking Guru why she is failing in all her attempts for attacking Swati & her child saying that now only Asoor Putna is left because other two are clutched by Tridevi’s & Putna insists Devi Polomi to just order so that she’ll perform her duty with full confidence while Guru stops telling them that it’s time to take steps cautiously & Devi Polomi also intimates Putna that Guru has power of future views hence to wait for his intimation then only to attack.

Shri Ganesh intimates Tridevi’s along with Mata Santoshi that now as you have clutched both the Asoor woman’s then you have to think on catching the third Asoor woman also & Mata Santoshi tells him that while performing Pooja when Swati & Indresh once offer flowers on you given to her by me that will guard them & child from all troubles coming their way.

Devi Polomi intimates Guru that I can’t take risk for Swati & Indresh to offer those flowers on Shri Ganesh given by Devi Santoshi to Swati due to which they’ll achieve blessings from Shri Ganesh & Guru assures her that he’ll definitely take care of that anyhow.

Shri Ganesh intimates all of them that this Asoor Putna is not simple evil woman like earlier two because she has those powers which will be difficult for you all to realize as she has the powers to convert herself into any kind of form like Tridevi’s or Devi Santoshi’s too as she is the same woman who had tried to kill child Shri Krishna but he was Avatar hence she was killed by Shri Krishna himself. Devi Santoshi says such a kind of evil woman Devi Polomi has brought again only to kill an helpless child while Tridevi’s also curse Devi Polomi for performing such a criminal act which is punishable.

Precap: Guru Shukracharya tells Devi Polomi that there is only one person in that house whom Devi Santoshi won’t doubt for stealing those flowers from whom we should do our work. Asoor woman uses Honey’s body to take away the flowers while watching this Dev Rishi intimates Mata its terrible for using Honey’s body to steal the flowers whom nobody can doubt & Devi Polomi says neither those flowers they’ll get nor the blessings of Shri Ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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