Santoshi Maa 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati saves santoshi & dev rishi from asoor’s attack.

Santoshi Maa 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lohitasoor from polomi’s kingdom clutches dev rishi with snakes around him & tying his with a tree as dev rishi keeps warning lohitasoor & lohitasoor turns towards santoshi mata to attack her but she tells him don’t you know that you can’t kill me so he tells her I have that powers with me to kill you & as he attacks with his weapon then santoshi prays mahadev & stops his attacked weapon with her hands getting injured while paravati becomes helpless watching this & she tries to tell mahadev but he is in meditation so paravati tries to help with her powers but mahadev stops her explaining her that santoshi is not helpless & it’s her test in human form now & paravati stops her powers understanding it.
Santoshi is retaliating lohitasoors powers while swati & her brother arrive there getting shocked so swati tells brother to bring police & swati helps santoshi hitting lohitasoor while paravati asks mahadev how swati is helping her & he explains her these are powers of a simple woman who can get powers to retaliate too & she understands. Swati is attacking him while her brother brings police & they take him away as lohitasoor is telling police you can’t do this but he slaps him & polomi immerges from policeman as lohitassor is shocked & she explains him to not to do this again as santoshi has human powers with her to face & he leaves.
Swati takes santoshi to temple for doing medication of her injured hands while dev rishi is also released from him clutches & leaves with them.
Nidhi is leaving to do prayers of polomi while her father is wondering how she has changed.
Swati & santoshi are discussing how that happened & she tells her these things happen in human’s life now & then so to not to worry.
Nidhi is taking care of indresh but he is feeling fishy with her & tries to leave but she stops him saying to take this Prasad as polomi has used her powers to create evil sense in indresh through the prasad & he gets changed in his behavior while nidhi asks him what happened to you now & he says let’s sit together.
Swati is discussing with her parents about santoshi & also about indresh but her brother says swati is thinking about indresh too much because he is with doctor nidhi in her house & not hospital so she is restless then her parents suggest you should keep faith in indresh inspite no faith in that doctor girl. Swati’s mother is advising swati to meet indresh but she shouts her saying please don’t force me as I can’t meet him you know & she leaves while her father tells her mother to not to keep pressuring her & let her be alone for some time.
Nidhi & indresh are enjoying each other’s company discussing various other things while her servant comes asking why are you late & he tells about his work with her father but she shouts him & her father too comes there asking her why getting bugged but she diverts his attention. Nidhi feels somebody watching outside the door so she goes to see & finds her father so she gets bugged on him & he leaves.
Indresh is eating food as nidhi tells him I too like this kind of food & she asks permission if she can eat too so he allows her & they eat together smiling towards each other.

Precap : Indresh tells nidhi that I have to go from here & thanks her for taking care of him while she is shocked. Indresh comes to swati telling her to let’s go & leave all this stupid superstitions. A pot is made to fall down on indresh’s head through polomi but a person comes running to save indresh telling him there is some problems on you so to take care. A man comes to attack indresh with a gun but swati intervenes to stop him but he still forces himself to kill him giving indresh warning.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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