Santoshi Maa 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi polomi using her powers on doctor nidhi to attract her towards indresh.


Santoshi Maa 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with doctor nidhi is driving her car while she sees indresh lying on a bench so she takes him in the car & he expresses his depression towards his love for his wife swati & explains his helplessness to convince her to be with him. Nidhi is calming him & also thinks about his good nature who loves his wife a lot but she also is playing with him in the car due to polomi’s powers in her. Indresh too feels what she is doing with him while swati too feels why she is still not going or is she taking revenge with indresh due to her insult of previous marriage proposal. Indresh asks nidhi what she is doing as she tries touching him but she gets conscious & diverts his attention bluffing.
A nurse calls nidhi informing about indresh is not in hospital so his brother is getting restless then nidhi explains indresh’s brother that he is fine & is with me but he asks how come with you then she tells him as i am his doctor so he has to be with me & keeps the phone.
Nidhi is taking him to her house while santoshi mata & dev rishi sees it & wonders what this doctor girl is upto.
Indresh’s brother informs his father about doctor with indresh so they all get confused how come she is with him outside & indresh’s father shouts everybody to leave while he instigates indresh’s mother towards doctor nidhi who if stays with him then something fishy may happen within them & can forget swati forever but his mother is thinking this is evil.
Santoshi mata comes to meet swati who is praying in mata’s temple for well-being of indresh & santoshi asks her how is he now & she replies he is ok but feels some problems happening with him so santoshi gives her a security band to place on his hands & she leaves.
Indresh wakes in nidhi’s house & wonders where am I & thinks about doctor brought him in her house & he tries to get up but can’t due to being clutched with the bed by powers of polomi so he shouts swati’s name for help.
Swati is walking with her brother & he informs her that the doctor has taken indresh to her house so she feels confusion while indresh’s parents come to meet her seeing her & his mother tells him to not to come near indresh which will be good for you but swati tells her I won’t but only to place this band on his hands & his father refuses & throws away so swati picks it.
Santoshi & dev rishi are walking down in the jungle while mata feels some power is following so informs dev rishi about it & asoor devraj is following them so he understands santoshi still having the powers to smell & plans to show himself to them as dev rish is searching such powers while asoor devraj immerges himself & santoshi sees him informing dev rishi & he comes near dev rishi to clutch him but he can’t as dev rishi tells him you are a fool who does not know that I am blessed by lord vishinu who has given his powers of not getting touched by any human or evil too so devraj says the power must be given to you but not santoshi & he turns himself towards santoshi.

Precap : Asoor devraj clutches dev rishi with snakes around his body attaching him to a tree & dev rishi warns him shouting while he turns towards santoshi to hit her with his weapon & santoshi holds his weapon but her hands are bleeding with blood which is understood by mahadev & paravati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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