Santoshi Maa 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Santoshi Maa realizes the trap laid for Narad

Santoshi Maa 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa asking Narad to touch the shagun things for Sumukhi. He touches all plates and asks her to give his letter to Sumukhi. She thinks to get things in control soon. Paulomika says I m making your sketch as you saved my life. Prabal smiles. Santoshi asks him to go and rest. He says I came to meet Dhairya and ask him about work. She says no work, just ret. He goes. She asks what are you doing. Paulomika says I m making Prabal’s painting. Santoshi takes coffee for Dhairya and says Prabal is finding you.

He asks why does Dhairya ask work from me. She says I think he wants to learn from you. He asks what shall I teach him, gardening and all, coffee is good, till you are in my life, all my work gets easy. She talks to him about her childhood language. He says you are full comedy like kids, I have responsibility of all kids. He teases her. They laugh.

Devi Paulmi asks Prabal why is he doing all work by asking Dhairya. He says I m doing this to take him out and kill him. She says he can doubt on you, do something that he comes out. He agrees. Seshnath and Madhuri also try to fool people and take chadava. Daksha chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Narad gets worried when all daasis come back with shagun. He asks Santoshi Maa what happened. She says you got cheated, Yaksh Raj have no daughter named Sumukhi. He says its impossible, you are lying, Sumukhi loves me a lot, you are cheating me. He goes and swears to shut himself in Kaksh till Sumukhi comes and opens the door. Brahmadev says Narad is much affected. Santoshi maa says we have to end this maya. He agree as love can ruin life if it has wrong intention. She meets Indra dev and tells about Narad. She asks why did Devi Paulmi lie to Narad. Devi Paulmi comes and says you don’t leave a chance to blame me, what wrong did I say. She denies everything and says Narad has lied. She asks can you prove the blame on me. He asks Santoshi Maa to get proof first. Santoshi Maa agrees. She goes.

He asks was this true. Devi Paulmi says no, Narad is doing this by getting tired of work. He says sorry, I had to ask this to know truth. She says thanks for trusting me. Prabal cleans table. Santoshi comes and says you are working again, you should give rest to body, go to your room and have medicines. She goes. He thinks I can’t go without doing my work. He says I will stay here, I feel suffocated in room. She says none can explain you, fine I will get food for you. He sees sunlight. Dhairya comes there. Devi Paulmi says you have to wait for some time Prabal.

Dhairya says you are working in sunlight again, why do you love sunlight so much. Prabal says you will laugh on me if I say. Dhairya says no, tell me. Prabal says I like light and shadow, I used to play with shadows in childhood. Dhairya says fine, I understood. He thinks he is mad, his childishness didn’t go till now. He says you are a kid, enjoy sunlight, do your work. Prabal thinks I have to wait for some time. Devi Paulmi says its time, but his laziness isn’t ending. She asks him to go and kill Dhairya. Prabal sees Dhairya’s shadow getting bigger than himself. He thinks I will fulfill my aim now, I m finding a weapon to kill him.

Paulomika shows her painting to Santoshi. She says I have seen him doing this, he is very strong, he has lifted tree. Devi Paulmi asks Prabal did his power end, does he trust himself. Prabal says I will prove it and bends the metal rod. She asks him to go and kill Dhairya. Prabal thinks Dhairya doesn’t know his death is reaching him. He sees Dhairya’s shadow. He holds Dhairya. Dhairya gets hurt.

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