Santoshi Maa 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Devesh gets one chance from Singhasan due to Swati.

Santoshi Maa 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all the family members & guests are enjoying chatting with each other in Singhasan’s house while Devesh comes to plead Singhasan & all are shocked to see him but Singhasan gets up picking his gun while Indresh also comes near Devesh. Devesh is pleading Singhasan for forgiveness & he says its good you came but won’t leave alive while Swati comes in between telling him to forgive Devesh but Indresh tries stopping her for pleading on behalf of Devesh while Swati says to Singhasan that I have forgiven him along with Rinky too hence you too forgive him of giving one chance which will reflect your good image becoming greater person. Devesh also pleads saying that she is right & he sees Laila hence he starts blaming her telling him that it was because of her he got encouraged who brain washed him against Swati instigating him towards the child stating it’s his so he got attracted towards her talks but Laila is abusing him while Devesh is explaining Singhasan reminding about the earlier incidences happened in which Laila was the person who brought the nurse giving money to her for stating wrong about the reports hence Singhasan asks her was it true but Laila is denying then too Singhasan tells Abhay to pack her bag because he memorized her earlier plans that’s why she had come here to destroy his image in his community. Laila is pleading him but he takes her out of the house to throw her away but Laila says now you are throwing me because my work is finished for you it seems but I know you have some other plans that’s why you have brought some new girl to execute your plans & yes he says as after the birth of the child Swati will be thrown away & that girl will get married to Indresh but now you have to leave as your work is finished & Laila leaves.
Singhasan asks forgiveness from his guests while his brother appreciates him saying it was good this dancer is thrown away now & Indresh’s mother also praises God for punishing the culprit.
Singhasan asks Devesh that why haven’t you left yet but Swati pleads him to forgive him due to your son in law while the owner also convinces him to only look towards your daughter & then decide & Rinky becomes emotional towards Devesh hence he gives Devesh one chance saying this is last chance given to you because of Swati & my daughter or else??? Devesh thanks him praying his hands while he roams around to plead everybody but sees Samiksha watching Indresh & he quietly murmur’s her that he’ll help in her wish which he knows but she wonders & keeps quiet.
Devi Polomi appreciates her devotee Devesh’s smart move while tarangni says but your one devotee is thrown away & she says that now she is of no use for her.
The owner expresses to Indresh’s mother that your daughter in law Swati is so nice girl but facing lot of trouble which she faced in resort too who saved all of us from evil people then too she fell in trouble so I think why good people only face problems in life.
Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi are roaming around in her temple where one devotee & his wife are chanting mantra of Mata while Dev Rishi appreciates those devotees & Mata narrates him their earlier story when his wife was a thief & he was performing prayers when later he found that girl stealing footwear from temple & gets caught by him but she instead tries teaching him wrong things. Mata in disguise along with Dev Rishi meets both of them to stop their argument & narrates them the story of a wicked & good person. Good person asked Yamraj why he always faced trouble in life inspite of behaving good & this wicked person only enjoyed his life behaving wicked & Yamraj proves him with keeping two bowls in which one of them is full in front of good person while another is empty in front of wicked person & he explains them this shows that your bowl is full because you have earned blessings of purity in life hence you achieve heaven while this wicked person is liable for hell due to his bowl being empty which he has utilized completely with his wrong deeds.
Mata in disguise says to both of them that now I’ll ask you one question.

Episode ends
Precap: Dev Rishi appreciates Mata for making the couple’s life stable who were meditating in temple. Swati & Indresh are feeding sweet to each other happily while Samiksha becomes jealous. Singhasan instigates Samiksha but Devesh & Rinky watch this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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