Santoshi Maa 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Devesh warns Swati while Swati accepts his condition.

Santoshi Maa 29th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devesh spilling kerosene in & around Singhasan’s house in mid-night becoming violent while Swati feeling intuition about it hence opens her eyes slowly & Mata is intimating her that to wake up as you have the power to know the future predictions & she gets up to see what is happening.
Devesh is roaming in passage of the house while Swati sees the shadow & tries opening the door but unable to then she tries to wake Indresh but he doesn’t so she tries to open window of the room but sees somebody spilling kerosene everywhere & gets scared.
Devi Polomi challenges Mata to try stopping this plan of lighting the house which will be demolished in ashes executed by me itself while Mata is watching her in anger.
Swati trying to open the door but it’s locked from outside then too she continuous pulling it & finally it opens but while walking from the passage she realizes the same incidence she had dreamt earlier of all of them shouting for help & she watches somebody hiding himself is lighting the fire everywhere & shouts stopping him while he shows himself & she is shocked to see Devesh himself.
Devesh is warning her he’ll light this house in fire but she is pleading him to stop all this but he is cursing her for his life’s complete destruction because of her entry into his life but she instead blames him for all these wrong deeds he did which has affected his life then too he is adamant to light fire but Swati pleads to stop while he puts his condition in front of her saying that you have to convince everybody to forgive me or else I won’t stop lighting but she instead says that are you a fool due to you all of them were disturbed & also what all you did with me nobody can forget but then too he forces her warning of showing to light fire but she prays Mata for help & reminds about Santoshi Mata in disguise had advised her about such situations of how to handle hence finally she accepts his condition & he thanks her.
Devi Polomi standing behind her is feeling very delighted about her conditions saying that my work is done now while Mata Santoshi emerges to tell her that again you have started interfering into my devotee’s life but she says I haven’t done anything instead your devotee is doing this but Mata tells her that is her choice what is good & bad hence she decided to give one chance to him but it’s his duty how to react on this chance & she also warns her of not indulging again showing her huge form & Devi Polomi leaves feeling scared of her form.
Mata uses her powers to wake everybody while Indresh wonders where Swati might be & goes to see her but she is praying Mata for helping her in this incidence too while all of them also gather there. Indresh asks her that why are you awake & she tries to tell her about Devesh but after watching Rinky she stops saying that I was dreaming about Devesh who has lighted this house so I woke to pray Mata but Rinky is cursing her to not to always keep blaming Devesh when he isn’t here now & cries for him. Singhasan supports Swati telling her it isn’t her mistake after whatever she has faced by Devesh hence to stop all this now. Laila interferes to instigate everybody but Singhasan stops her from talking in between.
All of them disburse while Indresh takes Swati inside the room.

Precap: Devesh comes in Singhasan’s house to meet him while Singhasan picks his gun to shoot him saying its good you came on your own but won’t leave alive but Swati comes in between to stop him & Indresh is surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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