Santoshi Maa 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma tackles goons

Santoshi Maa 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with goons attacking ushma but she is defending herself & stick hits by one of them to other goon who gets angry on him while ushma laughing & guru understands saying they are fools who do not know that asoors were killed by devi by playing such trick to make them fight within themselves only so need to alert them.
Ushma asks them this way you killed swati right but they refuse saying we were sick that night but she instigates them saying today you are not sick so fight with me now & tells them who is more powerful will come first to fight with me because all four attacking a single woman will make you look foolish so they all are saying that I am strongest as getting fooled by ushma while guru understands they are getting fooled & dev rishi praises ushma playing good trick but guru informs one of them to make everybody quiet & he tells them to not to fight as she is a dangerous woman but one of them says I’ll fight with her while ushma tells others to go & inform singhasan that he has defeated me. He fights with her while others leave. Devi ushma is retaliating with his attack making him fall down.
Others inform singhasan our one person will do your work but he is saying you four were empowered by swati while fighting then how can you believe he will do the work.
Dev rishi tells mata santoshi that ushma is performing her duty very nicely & I was foolishly confused while mata tells him it’s her test without using her powers of god of how she tackles this & win without giving any hint to polomi too.
Ushma is beating with stick but he is using his powers of asoor & dev rishi telling mata how can he get such powers to defend his body while guru understands & informs him to not to use your powers as devi santoshi & dev rishi must be watching you so fight like a simple human & he reduces his powers while gets hit by ushma & he picks rope to clutch her but dev rishi tells mata to help ushma & she tells him it’s her test for not using her powers here while mahadev is watching her & ushma too reduces her powers & gets clutched by rope so she prays mata for help saying it’s difficult to handle fight in human form so mata goes to help her & uses her powers to hit him as ushma understands & prays mata while guru tells asoor to not to do anything as devi santoshi is there itself.
Mata blesses ushma saying you have passed your test.
Indresh asks singhasan how much time we have to wait while ushma brings that person & throws him towards them while steering each other. Ushma blames them saying it’s confirm now that you only killed swati but singhasan ignores saying how many times I have told you that she has ran away but then to ushma says you are fooling or search her & she isn’t getting found it means swati is killed by you all & I am here to punish her culprits to send them to jail & will stay here only if at all you do such things hundred times & all are reeling under threat.
Singhasan is getting wild on goons who are insulted by him & he leaves while the one who fought with ushma told them the truth what happened.
Singhasan comes asking them where have you thrown swati & they tell her where nobody can reach while indresh’s mother hears this & gets shocked as singhasan shuts her mouth warning to not to disclose the truth to anybody.
Indresh’s mother remembers what ushma said about jail & getting restless asking lovely for snacks while ushma comes to give her fruits & she gets shocked asking her why you brought & ushma says why I feel you know everything so please tell me the truth & I won’t do anything but she refuses & leaves. Ushma thinks I’ll disclose all from you today & you only will help your husband to get arrested.
Indresh’s mother goes in indresh’s room so he asks why are you here then please give me water if you have come while ushma brings glass & she is confused how come you here when you were out just now & indresh’s mother leaves from there too. Indresh tells ushma to not to trouble my mother & ushma ties his mouth saying your mouth also has to become paralytic including your body as your family members had done with swati & she keeps asking him talk now but his mouth is tied.

Precap : Ushma is forcing indresh’s mother to tell the truth but singhasan comes to stop her saying to leave the house but ushma tells him to bring swati & I’ll go so he calls goons who bring swati in front of her while mata santoshi is surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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