Santoshi Maa 28th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati again challenges Samiksha.

Santoshi Maa 28th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati is handled by Mata Santoshi in disguise while Indresh watches silently & Mata explains people who harmed her saying that unless truth isn’t understood about a person nobody has rights to blame or curse that person for which all are punishable for harming an helpless pregnant woman & a woman from the crowd blames Samiksha due to whom they were instigated to hit Swati with tomatoes & Swati as well as Indresh both are shocked but Indresh is about to shout Samiksha & Samiskha is confused what to say while Mata tells Indresh to listen to his heart & he keeps wondering about the truth. Mata leaves taking Swati from there but Devi Polomi comes to wash Indresh’s brains with all the positive thoughts given to him by Mata & he becomes wild again saying it’s need of the hour to show Swati to some doctor about her madness & Samiksha feels glad he forgot all those things whatever happened here.

Swati is remembering all about the incidence happened near temple market & also thinks how Indresh could lose faith in her feeling very emotional about it hence talks with her child moving towards her father to see if he has arrived but Indresh is partly sleeping while she is trying to show him the movement of their child & he isn’t responding hence tries to wake him but Samiksha comes telling her happily that I have given him drink due to which he is doused while Swati is shocked & Samiksha says that after what ever happened today you might have understood God is with me that’s why Indresh is here so to not to forget only two days have left for challenge to end but Swati says who follows true path is never a loser because it might be late but God blesses true person always hence it’s my challenge that tomorrow itself you’ll lose Indresh whom I’ll regain from you after attending Pooja but again Swati corrects herself saying sorry of saying regain but he never was yours so it’ll better for you to forget about Indresh instead think about yourself as tomorrow what you’ll face will be the end of all this drama & Samiksha keeps wondering.

Swati comes inside her room but feels scared about challenge given hence prays Mata to help her while Shri Ganesh is watching her prayers. Mata Santoshi is intimating father Shri Ganesh about his celebration being arranged in Devlok & everywhere around due to Chaturthi but she wonders why father isn’t reacting hence she asks him what happened & he tells her he is thinking about her devotee Swati while she praises Swati who is lucky to have been thought by Shri Ganesh himself & he tells her to take care of her devotee because in coming days she’ll be facing trouble from Asoors & also asks if she is wearing the security band given by Mata Paravati & she tells him it’s been given to her already but he tells her to confirm if she is wearing & Mata assures him accordingly.

Devi Polomi is discussing plans with her Guru Shukracharya & also saying of doing mistake for losing her Asoor woman to Gods & asks him of next plan hence Guru tells her to use one of this woman to keep near Swati for killing her child at the right time when required who is threat for Asoors hence he gives a ring for safety of that Asoor woman Tadaka who’ll be near Swati & accordingly Tadaka takes leave from them.

Precap: Tadaka takes out Swati’s security band while Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi along with Tridevi’s are shocked watching this. Devi Polomi says now not just Devi Santoshi but all Tridevi’s along with Shri Ganesh also can’t save Swati’s child’s life from Tadaka which is confirmed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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