Santoshi Maa 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh moves out in search of work.

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Santoshi Maa 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh feeling about his father thinking I understand you are uneasy about me but if you had compromised & called me then I would had come to stay comfortably but now I won’t come if you do not call me.
Indresh’s mother is explaining about indresh to his father of not to blame indresh but that girl instead.
Paravait mata making the girl child sleep & the girl says I haven’t slept but unless your anger does not calm I won’t wake.
Indresh & swati pray mata santoshi doing pooja of her statue & asking to keep my wife swati comfortable. They both are talking about working together & he tells her what you will work as you have to see about house also then swati says santoshi mata will look of the house. They both go to see some work while indresh finds a labour work & tells swati to take care as I’ll come. Swati searches for some work but thinks of asking her father.
Swati’s father & mother are talking about fighting case against indresh’s father but swati’s call comes & he is talking with swati as swati asks him can I get work from your friend & he tells her I will see but we’ll talk later as i ma in office.
Indresh comes to his father’s house for work & he is confused. Indresh’s father tells labours to work properly & warns them as they move to work then indresh’s father stops them & he is watching indresh as he understands & opens his cloth from his face.
Swati sees her parents & asks her father you were in office while they are shocked & he can’t answer her properly. Swati asks him what is the problem so while her mother is trying to tell her then her father stops her but then too swati insists & her mother tells her this is because of your father-in-law we are roaming around & she is shocked.
Indresh’s brother is shouting labour contractor you did it deliberately bringing his brother here then he pleads him & indresh’s father says you are not wrong if my son itself is on wrong way then indresh is arguing with his father while his family too is seeing shockingly. His mother comes to stop him & pulls his hands while his father tells her to leave his hands. Indresh’s father tells him you too work but I’ll pay you less because I have no faith in your work.
Swati calls indresh telling him all details about his father what he did to her parents & he is shocked. Swati also asks her parents why you did not tell earlier but she tells her we tried but again thought why we should bother you again & again.
Indresh is telling his father that you also have not performed proper responsibility & cursing him about what he has done wrong towards swati’s parents. Indresh tells him not to do wrong towards swati’s parents & take back the FIR so he tells him do whatever but I won’t go anywhere & indresh warns him that I also am your son so I too take this oath that I won’t come to this house again ever & all are shocked & also tells his brother to explain father that he has only one son now & he leaves.
Indresh’s grandmother is trying to calm his father while he is cursing his life but she tries to calm him & he says he’ll understand when I debar him away from this wealth.

Precap: Indresh’s father comes to take away swati’s brother while her father is pleading him but he says instead of my son i am taking away your son & if you bring your daughter from him then I’ll leave your son. Swati’s mother comes to take away swati while indresh asks what happened but she shouts him saying we can’t have any relations with each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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