Santoshi Maa 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna asking Santoshi what is she doing. Santoshi thinks she is shouting and Dhairya will come. She drags Trishna out. Trishna asks what are you doing. Santoshi scolds her saying that’s my husband’s room. Trishna says really, its my would be husband’s room. Santoshi taunts her and says he is still my husband, this sindoor and mangalsutra are sign of our love and married life. Trishna says we will see what your love says. She shouts and calls Dhairya. Her mum and Kaka also come.

Trishna says Santoshi has gone mad. Dhairya asks Santoshi to leave Trishna’s hand. Trishna says I saw her entering your room, I thought she is stealing, but I have seen her adding poison in your glass to kill you. Santoshi says she is lying. He asks her what were you doing in my room. Santoshi thinks I can’t tell you truth. Trishna says see, she has no answer. Dhairya gets angry. Kaka thinks to save Santoshi without losing Dhairya’s trust. He says Santoshi, this time you can’t get saved, Dhairya call police and give Santoshi to them, along with that glass. Trishna thinks my plan failed. She says no need, Dhairya you do something. She controls him and asks him to slap Santoshi.

Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hair and asks did you hurt Trishna, I will not leave you. Kaka says we have Santoshi and that glass, police will manage. Dhairya says I don’t need proof, I will punish Santoshi. He takes a knife in hand. Kaka stops him. Devi Paulmi laughs. Trishna says take revenge of my insult, we can buy law anytime. Devi Paulmi says Trishna is doing the work which I could not go, Santoshi will die.

Dhairya goes to stab Dhairya. Santoshi chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Dhairya’s hand freezes. Trishna asks Dhairya to think how much she has hurt me. Santoshi Maa stops Dhairya. He drops the knife. Santoshi and Kaka look on. Dhairya goes. The lady thinks Dhairya did not do this even if Trishna told him, Santoshi is clever, pendant failed, I have to do something. Gaumata says its good you failed their plan Mata.

Devi Paulmi says till when will Devi Santoshi save Santoshi. Trishna tells Santoshi that today her luck supported her, every time this won’t happen. Kaka asks Santoshi not to worry.

Daksha and Madhuri go to Seshnath to kill him. Guddu comes home. They get happy seeing Guddu. Guddu asks what is Daksha doing here at night. Madhuri says Guddu, your Papa got saved. Daksha says come outside, I will say.

Trishna scolds lady for pendant not showing effect. Santoshi says this thread had affect. Kaka says but Dhairya raised hand. Lady says don’t worry, I have many ways. Santoshi says this thread should reach Dhairya. He says don’t worry, leave it on me, go and sleep.

Dadi asks Daksha and Madhuri to change. Guddu asks Dadi not to talk in between. He tells his plan. Sharmili thinks Guddu will never change and cries. Santoshi wakes up and goes to get water. She hears mantras and thinks who is doing this. She says Trishna’s mum is doing black magic puja. She sees Trishna’s mum going out and goes after her. Sharmili scolds Guddu and is annoyed. He says I love you a lot, open the door, I m sorry. She says no, you go from here. Dadi asks Guddu to talk to Sharmili in morning. Santoshi follows Trishna’s mum. She gets tensed. Trishna’s mum smiles and goes ahead. She disappears. Devi Paulmi laughs. Santoshi thinks where did Trishna’s mum Kamini go suddenly.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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