Santoshi Maa 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh brings back Swati to his family house.

Santoshi Maa 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata Santoshi asks Swati that how you feel about this person Indresh & she replies that he is good but foolish because see how he destroyed my Rangoli but rest he is fine & Ushma also says yes he is fine but Swati asks Mata why are you asking me this question then Ushma says because he knows your husband & Swati asks that why he isn’t bringing him to me & Mata tells her that he’ll take you to him if you wish to go with him & Indresh also tells Swati that yes I’ll take you to him but Swati becomes reluctant to go with Indresh so Mata explains her that as far as I am concerned Indresh is a good person who won’t cheat you & don’t you have faith in me that I am sending you with him then Swati replies to Mata that I have full faith in you because it’s you who have taken care of my life saving from all evils so why you will do anything wrong towards me & Swati asks Mata where I have to go & Ushma tells Swati to their house as they are very big people having all those things for you to stay comfortably but Swati says I do not wish anything but only to make me meet my husband & Mata assures her that Indresh will guide you properly.
Swati insists Mata to also come along to leave her there & Mata accepts her wish.
Indresh arrives with Swati along with Mata Santoshi & Ushma devi while lovely comes out seeing Swati & shockingly informs everybody to come out & see who has come as Indresh has brought Swati & all come to see while Anju gets delighted to see Swati.
Swati is wondering which place is this so Mata asks her do you remember this place & Swati says no.
Indresh comes to tell his father Singhasan that I am sorry for not informing you & left but today being Diwali so I have brought Laxmi of this house, Swati & Singhasan is shocked to see her while all family members are stunned.
Indresh’s mother stops them rudely & they are shocked but she tells lovely to bring aarti plate but she does not go & Anju brings it & again Indresh’s mother tells lovely to bring Haldi-Kumkum in a plate & she brings while Swati asks why they are doing this for me so Mata explains her it’s their rituals hence you have to follow this while Indresh’s mother wonders why she is behaving this way of not recognizing anybody but does aarti of all of them & tells Swati to put hands on the plate & press on the house wall & Swati wonders why this now but Mata explains her it’s again part of ritual but Swati insists Mata also to do this & all are again shocked about Swati’s behaviour while Usham devi intimates Mata Santoshi to do it so that the house will be blessed so Mata & Swati complete the hand pressing ritual on wall by which Dev Rishi gets happy seeing & praising that now all evils will go away from this house getting blessings from Mata Santoshi itself.
Devi Polomi says that Mata Santoshi might be feeling happy by thinking she has defeated me but one time will definitely come to turn the dices again while Devraj Indra comes to warn her saying whatever you are planning will turn against you itself so stay out of all evil deeds now which you have already done so much & created gods to think about you but instead she is shouting him saying it’s your duty to support your wife but he ignores her & leaves.
Indresh’s mother tells Indresh to come ahead & does his aarti also & then tells Swati that now put your feet on the plate & enter the house which contains Haldi-Kumkum water by which steps of Devi Laxmi entering into house so slowly Swati puts legs but the plate slightly cults & her legs get pressed but some water falls from the plate & Mata Santoshi along with Ushma devi handles Swati by falling down but both of their legs too get pressed in the same water & hence the house gets blessings from Mata Santoshi & Devi Ushma by their water steps of Haldi-Kumkum as they enter together with Swati.
Singahsan asks Indresh why Swati is behaving this way & Swati asks Mata that they all know me how come so Mata tells her I’ll explain you so Indresh guides them towards a room to talk comfortably & as Swati & Mata go inside a room then Ushma devi explains them that you all must be wondering about Swati’s behaviour but due to hit by bullet she got affected badly losing her memory so it’ll take time to bring back her memory for which support is needed now.
Singhasan feels relaxed saying so she does not remember anything it means & Indresh tells him it’s my duty to help get her memory back but request you all to co-operate with me by giving helping hand from everybody while Indresh’s mother expresses her wish of fully co-operating due to whom you have come out of danger also but Singhasan tells him she can stay here till her memory comes back but after that I do not know what my reaction will be.

Precap : Mata Santoshi assures Swati that after so much prayers performed you have got Indresh & one day you’ll get your husband also but Swati tells Mata that if he troubles me then I’ll go back to ashram & Ushma Devi says you can go back to ashram then. Indresh assures Swati to not to worry as I am there with you now & your didi will also be there with you. Devi Polomi shouts saying that Devi Santoshi after doing all this still your devotee won’t be happy in her future life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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