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Santoshi Maa 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying maybe you are right, I will remove it. Trishna stares at him and says you won’t remove the pendant. Dhairya stops and says let people say anything, I will wear it. Trishna comes and asks Dhairya why did he call. Dhairya says Papa wants to talk to you. Kaka says I found this pendant old fashioned, you could have gifted him diamond. Trishna says this is blessed pendant, he should keep wearing it. Kaka says what can I say then, as you wish, pendant looks old fashioned. He asks Dhairya to tell her about jewelry and goes. Dhairya tells Trishna about jewelry.

Kaka tells Santoshi that Dhairya was removing pendant and stopped as if someone stopped him. Santoshi cries and says I told you, its bad for him. She prays to Santoshi Maa. She asks her to show way to get her husband back. She applies sindoor in maang.

Narad greets Santoshi Maa and Gaumata. He asks Santoshi Maa to help Santoshi, as Trishna is using black magic, its unfair. She says I will help Santoshi surely. She prays and gives a thread to Gaumata, asking her to give this black magic freeing thread to Santoshi, so that Dhairya gets freed, you have to get Trishna’s kundli, so that we know what is written in her kundli, we can find some way. Gaumata agrees. Narad asks permission to go on earth, maybe Gaumata will need his help. Narad and Gaumata go.

Gaumata goes to Santoshi’s house and gets her attention. Santoshi hears her and comes there. She tells what Trishna’s mum did to pressurize Dhairya for marriage. Gaumata tells Santoshi not to delay and get Trishna’s kundli. Santoshi calls Kaka and asks for kundli. She gives him an address. Gaumata gives the thread to Santoshi. Santoshi asks what’s this. Gaumata says its Divya thread which will fail evil powers.

Gaumata says make this reach Dhairya, this will help you, pandit ji gave this to me. Santoshi takes it. Seshnath eats food. He asks for fruits. Daksha thinks Madhuri got emotional, she may tell him everything. Madhuri imagines Daksha sacrificing a goat. She shouts no. Seshnath asks what happened. Madhuri says I got emotional. Dakshi manages to stop Madhuri.

Santoshi and Kaka meet the pandit/Narad. Narad checks Trishna’s kundli. Gaumata presents it to Santoshi Maa by her eye vision. Santoshi Maa says I can’t see kundli clear. Gaumata focusses. Santoshi Maa sees the kundli. She says it can’t be Trishna’s kundli, there is no human on earth whose kundli is free of dosh. She asks them to give sign to Santoshi and come back to Devlok.

Narad says great, its dosh free kundli, even Sita Mata did not have such kundli, this girl will make any house heaven. He asks Kaka to get Dhairya married to Trishna soon. Santoshi says how can this happen, that kundli does not have any dosh. Kaka says yes, every human kundli has some dosh. Narad says maybe its made intentionally, but who made this, it does not have any Jyotshi sign.

Devi Paulmi laughs and asks Narad to find out, who made the kundli, when Dhairya and Trishna marry, it will be proved that I have crossed big step against Devi Paulmi. Madhuri says I can’t do this, he is my husband. Daksha asks her to think of money. Santoshi says Kaka, did Trishna and her mum do magic on kundli also. Kaka says they are dangerous, we should make Dhairya remove locket. Santoshi says this thread should reach him. They come home. Kaka asks her to wait, and goes first.

Trishna’s mum tells Dhairya about her. Kaka comes home. Dhairya calls him. Kaka worries seeing the pendant. Dhairya asks Kaka did you show Trishna’s kundli to pandit. Kaka says yes, he will say after 2-3 days. Dhairya says fine, you can go. The lady thinks I know about grah.

Its night, Santoshi sees Dhairya and waits to keep thread near him. He goes to washroom. She thinks where to keep the thread. She sees his wallet and keeps it in it. Trishna comes and sees Santoshi. She thinks Santoshi came to spoil my work. She asks Santoshi what is she doing here. Santoshi gets worried.

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