Santoshi Maa 25th February 2021 Written Episode Update – Indresh gets angry on Swati as well as his mother.

Santoshi Maa 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati detailing Indresh how she got the proof from Laila’s house through Raja while his mother tells him that she only informed police about all this & he leaves but his mother is trying to stop him but he tells her that he’ll do anything to release his father & Swati calms her telling to let him go due to his disturbance.
Indresh meets his father Singhasan in jail while Singhasan expresses his happiness towards his release but tells him that all this is happened due to Swati who if not had given the proof to his mother then this wouldn’t had happened & Indresh assures his father about his release.
Dev Rishi asks Mata that Singhasan’s wife took the decision of informing police of his crime then is it that Indresh will tackle this & also reunite with Swati & Mata tells him that the time will only show us the results.
Mata Santoshi is called by Tridev’s to meet & she reaches there. Brahmadev tells Mata that you have cleared my test but now your test will be taken by Prabhu Mahadev & Prabhu Mahadev tells her that in this test the main role played is by Mata Paravati & Dev Rishi while Mata Santoshi feels glad about it. Prabhu Mahadev narrates her giving example of Mata Paravati who got angered by his trick but to control on anger which is very important in life hence Mata understands the fact of lesson taught to her.
Swati along with family is performing prayers in front of Mata’s photo while Mata is happy & Indresh arrives blaming Swati because of whom his father is in jail. Swati feels depressed about his thoughts while his mother explains him but in vain & leaves from there into his room locking it.
Devi Polomi becomes happy seeing Indresh getting angry on Swati & says addressing Mata that after all blood relation pulls each other hence it’s not possible that Indresh will reunite with Swati.
Devesh is cursing Indresh in drunken state while Devi Polomi is trying to calm him & instigating him against Indresh to react in sensible mood.
Indresh is cursing Swati of doing wrong for arresting his father & also his mother who never cared how his father’s condition will become in jail.
Swati & his mother are trying to call him outside the room to eat but he instead is cursing Swati & his mother.
Singhasan plans to injure himself in jail with help of a constable to show that he is doing suicide while he thinks that he’ll destroy Swati’s life of not allowing her to reunite with Indresh & to also torture his own wife for reacting against him.

Precap: Indresh asks his father why he is torturing himself while he expresses about his repenting behavior which made this to do & his wife along with his daughter in law did this to arrest him & Indresh hugs him emotionally. Mata Santoshi watching this says that Singhasan has emotionally clutched Indresh who doesn’t understand hence fights with Swati so I only need to do something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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