Santoshi Maa 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Samiksha is feeling jealous of Indresh & Swati’s closeness.

Santoshi Maa 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu Mahadev continues his story to Devraj Indra & Devi Polomi about child Markandi. Prabhu shouts Yamraj saying that how couldn’t you realize the child is in deep meditation of Shiv name who is helpless & you are attacking him to take away his soul which is a crime but Yamraj tells him that I was just doing my duty due to his time had come of death as per destiny written by Chitragupta & Prabhu gets wild on him to attack but Mata Paravati calms him while Prabhu intimates Yamraj that you including Chitragupta haven’t read the book properly which clearly states in last words that if Markandi meditates Shiv-Shakti’s name for rescue then his soul becomes pure to live forever hence the same he did by which all his evils from his soul as well as his parent’s are cleared by this meditation. Yamraj pleads for forgiveness & leaves while Markandi’s parents praise Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati for saving their child.
Prabhu Mahadev asks Devraj Indra & Devi Polomi that did you read the book completely but they are confused to answer & he says it means you too haven’t read the same & informs Mata Santoshi to explain them in her simple language hence Mata tells them that it’s the same like Markandi who sat for meditation which has tremendous powers & won his life from Prabhu the same way Indresh meditated for his wife & child full night of Vat-Vruksha for their safety & he won its rewards of the same. Devraj Indra pleads Prabhu for not knowing the depth of this matter & came into Devi Polomi’s talks but Devi Polomi still wishes to ask that did Mata Santoshi knew about all this but Devraj Indra stops her taking away from there.
Prabhu Mahadev praises Devi Santoshi & Dev Rishi for handling devotee’s properly spreading knowledge of devotion in them which is appreciable & they both take blessings from them.
Mata Santoshi in disguise comes to meet Swati who is sleeping & she touches her waking from sleep while Swati gets up feeling surprised. Indresh also comes feeling surprised watching Mata but Samiksha also comes following him. Mata realizes about Samiksha entered hence she tells Swati that Indresh has also went through very rough patch when you were in this condition so he also did meditation of Prabhu Mahadev for you & child’s safety because of which you are safe now due to God’s blessings & Swati becomes emotional while Samiksha is feeing jealous.
Mata tells Swati that I had told you to not to leave each other then too due to this it has happened & Swati admits her mistake while Mata tells both of them to not leave each other henceforth & also to not to allow anybody else to enter in between both of you & they both assure while Samiksha gets wild but is quiet & Mata takes leave from them.
Devesh gets his phone from the person who saved him while he calls Rinky who is wondering where this Devesh might be & Rinky asks him are you alive while he says that your father left no chance for me but due to God’s grace I am alive & he asks about all of them including Swati but she tells why you are asking about Swati now when you had left her to die in car but she is safe & have learnt that it’s not your child instead it’s Indresh’s itself.
Devesh is confused thinking all things are happening against him it seems but Devi Polomi emerges to encourage him towards Samiksha who can be the target to acquire wealth hidden in the Resort & who is also attracted to Indresh.
Swati is appreciating Indresh of his love for her while he too praises her love for him but in this Samiksha is getting more & more jealous.

Precap: Indresh is holding Swati’s hand while Samiksha interferes to give Indresh some snacks to eat but he refuses of not eating bread but she is forcing him to bring some change in life & Swati feels confused. Dev Rishi complains Mata that still problems aren’t going away from Swati’s life it seems as day by day some kind of struggle she always has to face while Mata too is silent watching this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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