Santoshi Maa 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma devi is searching culprits who tortured swati.

Santoshi Maa 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh’s mother requesting rinky to go & give sweet to neighbour while ushma is watching all.
Rinky leaves while usham follows her to ask truth about swati but she isn’t saying anything getting scared then too ushma keeps following her throwing water on her but rinky finds blood & not water so ushma tells her I know how to trick & forces her to tell the truth warning her about snake too giving her ultimatum while rinky runs back to her mother getting scared. Ushma feels this girl will utter truth of swati or will make me reach towards those evils atleast.
Rinky comes in house crying while her mother is scared calling singhasan to see what has happened & he asks what has happened to your body while indresh too comes asking her but ushma comes from room & rinky asks her you were out then how come inside & she tells her I was arranging bag while signaling her to not to say anything & rinky faints while her mother asks her what you did & ushma tells her so pale she is fainted only with holi color but rinky’s mother abuses her & she tells her I know swati had told me you are all pale when you could not pull swati all together once & singhasan is shocked hearing this.
Ushma thinks she might not know the truth so to check one by one in this family now.
Ushma informs mata santoshi still I could not find the truth but mata tells her to make it fast as I too do not have much time to keep swati in this condition & if could not bring swati in life again then I won’t be able to forgive myself so ushma takes oath that will complete the task as urgent anyhow understanding your pain towards your devotee.
Asoors in disguise of goons are having food while one of them is told by indresh’s mother to wash the plate after finishing food & asks him where is bowl & he says I ate but she hits him with broom saying you think I am a fool while his other colleagues come to save him telling her it’s kept inside. He is blaming humans are fools on earth who without any reason starts beating. Singhasan comes asking them got beating? so do some work now while one of them gets wild but other one calms him.
Ushma watching lovely & indresh’s mother in kitchen as she uses her powers to disturb lovely’s work while indresh’s mother keeps shouting her what is happening to you falling utensils from your hands & leaves from there so ushma gets free space to play tricks with lovely & ushma lifts knife to warn lovely to utter truth of swati telling her about what all she also did harassing swati & she keeps warning her giving ultimatum.
Mahadev discusses with mata paravati that daughter santoshi has to keep calm on her anger & also know ushma’s behavior but there is no point getting angry on human but mata reminds mahadev about her condition was the same of santoshi like when your gajasoor nagin became mine inspite staying calm so santoshi can’t understand how to search truth & punish those culprits. Mahadev calls santoshi telling her I know your control on anger but human can’t be treated like this so to inform ushma to be calm & santoshi mata tells him I have already told her to be calm because of you but if human would had disclosed truth easily then there was no point ushma emerging & also I know that swati’s in laws always tortured swati so might be they must have only made swati’s this condition & mahadev tells her you had already punished swati’s culprits but after moon block started how can you believe which is not seen by you & those goons are still on earth & may be it must be out of these then too unless the truth does not come out no punishment can be given so be alert that if your avatar crosses limit of gods then that unethical deed will enter in you immediately which may bring you into trouble.
Lovely comes to meet ushma telling her I‘ll tell you the truth but ushma thinks some evil brains might be working in her & ushma asks her you didn’t like swati then how come you are ready & she tells her it’s because of my selfishness that if I do not give them child in 1 or 2 years then they will throw me out of this house as these people are very wicked but lovely tells her to steal jewelry of mother in law & I’ll do my work so ushma accepts her deal.

Precap : Lovely calls ushma telling her the secret of swati is clipped in a video which i have found. Polomi & her asoor colleague is following ushma while she understands & looks back so asoor asks her are you not scared in such a quiet place & she tells him i am not scared by asoor or any evil & he thinks she understands everything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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