Santoshi Maa 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna taking Santoshi’s avatar. She tells guard that she missed something. She makes guard sleep. She takes a boy and sees CCTV camera. She leaves in the car. Madhuri tries to get some jar and jumps. Daksha comes there and smiles. She scares her. They argue. Santoshi asks them not to argue. Seshnath asks what’s the matter. He says its fine, they are fighting for the work duties. Santoshi asks is this any topic to fight. Rudrakshi says fighting is not good. They leave. Seshnath asks Madhuri and Daksha not to fight as Rudrakshi said. They wonder what happened to him, that he is agreeing to Rudrakshi so much.

Brahmadev says our time is precious, we can’t wait for Indra more. Mahadev says you are right, but there is some time left, we will wait for him. Devi Paulmi talks to Indra. She says you are the king of heaven, such a behavior with a king is wrong. Narad says Devraj did not come in Devsabha. Brahmadev says its clear that Indra does not value Devsabha, we wanted to hear him out, but he did no come.

Rudrakshi prays with Seshnath. Dhairya and Kaka smile. Kaka says Dhairya you did right to get Rudrakshi’s admission done in school, you should not delay in education. Dhairya says I want anything to be less in her education. Santoshi gets tea for them. Police comes. Seshnath thinks what did I do. He says I did not do anything, why did you come to take me.

Inspector says move, I did not come to arrest you, we came to arrest Santoshi. She asks what did I do. He says she has stolen a child from school. They get shocked. Kaka says you are wrong, Santoshi can’t do this. Dhairya asks what proof do you have. Inspector shows the video. They all get shocked seeing video. Dhairya says Santoshi was with me, this can’t be her. Inspector asks is this her ghost, you have the proof. Santoshi asks how can this happen. Dhairya says its not Santoshi. Kaka says he is right. Inspector asks him to prove this in court.

Madhuri and Daksha think what’s happening. Santoshi gets arrested. She says I don’t know about that child, I m saying truth. Rudrakshi and Dhairya ask them not to take Santoshi. Santoshi says wait, let me talk to my daughter. She asks Rudrakshi not to worry, she will come back soon. Rudrakshi says leave my mum. Santoshi pacifies her.

Santoshi asks Dhairya to manage everyone and be strong, have courage. Dhairya cries and says I m sorry, I could not do anything for you. Santoshi says I know its misunderstanding. Dhairya says I will come to save you. Santoshi is taken in police jeep. They cry. Kaka asks Dhairya to do something. Dhairya asks who did this bad joke with us. Rudrakshi says one who does not like Santoshi. Kaka says Trishna. Rudrakshi says if she can enter Daksha, she can do anything. Dhairya says what will I tell police, that Trishna did this, she is a magician, I don’t understand.

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