Santoshi Maa 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update – Goons are sent to jail by ushma

Santoshi Maa 21st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi mata is moving her hands on swati’s body while dev rishi comes asking mata what raj vaidya said & she tells him it’s difficult for swati waking up he says but then too I’ll try making her awake.
Polomi’s guru tells her these flowers were not near swati that’s why swati’s body was taken away by santoshi mata & she might become alive again & polomi gets angry saying then I have to plan something else but guru advises to not to repeat mistake but need to do smartly.
Dev rishi tells santoshi mata that before next moon block either swati’s soul should enter somebody’s body or to free giving peace & if in both conditions this does not happen then swati will be unable to become alive again & mata says till that block I have time so I’ll do whatever possible for me.
Devi polomi orders goons to do anything but to bring swati’s body before next moon block while santoshi mata tells dev rishi I won’t allow swati to lose in any conditions.
Ushma devi prays santoshi mata & mahadev asking to help her search swati’s criminals & she reminds about some goons attacking swati in temple while swati retaliating so thinks of searching those goons first.
Singhasan orders the goons to throw away ushma devi form his house but their demands increase in way of non veg food so he assures them of providing.
Singhasan & his brother are discussing about chit to search in her bag too.
Ushma devi smells someone coming & lights get off as goons are coming towards her & she shows them about sleeping but they do not find her on bed while they are searching her & she uses her brains to flow chilli powder from fan on their faces burning their eyes & ushma calls everybody to show who were attacking her as they had hidden their faces but their faces open up & ushma devi understands these are who had fought with swati & also thanks santoshi mata & mahadev for showing path through these people.
Police inspector come to singhasan’s house as he is asking why have you come at night & inspector tells him a woman called him about some goons attacked her & ushma comes telling inspector yes I had called you because these are those goons who had attacked swati & now me so arrest them & ask where is swati but singhasan calls goons to show their condition which is done by this woman itself & inspector tells ushma you have to come to police station as their condition has become worst then ushma tells him to call a number & he inspector realizes it’s DIG’s no. then too she tells him to call & DIG tells him to take care of that woman as nothing should happen to her who is a very big person.
Dev rishi praised ushma’s brilliance happily & enjoying the time seeing all this.
Ushma devi tells inspector now if you are satisfied then take away these goons & asks them where swati is while indresh tries to stop him but he refuses saying I can’t as orders are from DIG & please don’t trouble santoshi mam. Singahsan gets bugged while indresh asks him what is this happening while his brother says father do not know anything only these goons are to be brought out of jail or they mustn’t utter truth.
Dev rishi comes to praise ushma devi & discusses about how to tackle to take out truth from goons sending them to jail & she explains him I could had done but my form would had got disclosed so to tackle in human form itself while pinky sees her talking in air & calls everybody as she comes to ask her are you a trickster & ushma steers her as she faints while her mother & lovely come running to calm her. Pinky’s mother is abusing ushma while dev rishi abuses her saying you a foolish human do not know she is avatar of mata santoshi & he leaves getting signal from ushma. Ushma also abuses pinky’s mother.
Polomi comes stopping goons who were trying to break the bars of jail telling them to behave like humans or all will know your truth & she asks them how you came here as I was in patal lok & they tell her some woman has come named santoshi & polomi wonders who can it be because it can’t be mata santoshi while she advises how to act & will be released soon by singhasan itself & leaves to see who santoshi is.
Inspector comes & starts hitting them to disclose truth behind swati’s missing while santoshi comes to police station.

Precap : Devi polomi tells her guru that santoshi’s one more devotee has come & her name too is santoshi so he asks her did you meet her but she tells him i sent rangni & tarangni to attack her. Ushma asks santoshi mata did devi polomi sent rangni & tarangni to attack me os does she knows about swati & mata tells her devi polomi is an asoor daughter & not easy to understand her tricks but ushma assures mata santoshi that whoever has done such condition of your devotee i won’t leave them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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