Santoshi Maa 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Swathi agrees to give agni-pariksha.

Santoshi Maa 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swathi crying. Indresh sits down in a shock and thinks his wife is having someone else’s baby. Swathi goes to indresh and says please don’t believe this demon, he is selfish and is doing this to break our relationship and our family. Swathi says Indresh, i am innocent and have been loyal to you always, i do not have his child, this child is ours. Devesh says why would i lie? I am not lying, you are hiding everything Swathi. Swathi says you demon Devesh, you are trying to destroy my life but you will not succeed in it, i have don’t nothing and i am innocent. Devesh says please don’t say that, i am just telling the truth. Swathi sits down and cries.
Singhasan intervenes and says you have to prove your innocence swathi. Swathi says yes i will prove it. Singhasan says you have to give agni-pariksha! Only then it will be proved. Swathi says confidently, i will give the agni-pariksha and prove my loyalty towards Indresh and prove that Devesh is lying. Rinki says father, don’t trust this woman, she is keen on destroying my life and she is lying. Singhasan says shut up Rinki, i have said she will give agni-pariksha and even Swathi has said so, let her prove her innocence. Devesh’s mother says my son told you the truth then why do you need to take agni-pariksha? Singhasan says your son said but i shall also trust Swathi, she will prove her innocence. Kunti tells Rinki to shut up. She doesn’t understand anything and Swathi is honest and cannot do such a thing. Rinki says you are still blind mother, you cannot see the truth in front of you.
Singhasan says the agni-pariksha will be done tomorrow, if Swathi is honest and true, she will not get burned but if she isn’t, the same fire will destroy her. Singhasan says till her innocence is proved, my daughter Rinki will not come to your house Devesh. Devesh’s mother says why? She is our daughter-in-law now. Singhasan says your son has blamed my daughter-in-law of being characterless. Kunti says do you expect me to send my daughter to your house now? Unless this is proved, she will not come to your house. Devesh says that is alright, we will take her home once it is proved. Devesh and his family go. Rinki cries and blames Swathi for doing this and goes. Everyone disperse. Kunti hugs Swathi and gives her water and says i trust you Swathi, don’t worry. Swathi cries and says mother, you have given me strength and i have done nothing wrong. Singhasan’s brother also trusts Swathi. Kunti says daughter, don’t worry you are honest and a devotee of Santoshi maa, nothing will happen to you. I know this is all being done by that Laila, she wants to destroy our family and our happiness. Kunti says Swathi, you go and rest now, and believe in Santoshi maa she will protect you. Swathi goes to her room and sees Indresh sleeping on one side, she understands he is upset and thinks i know you are upset but you wont show it on your face. Swathi thinks i will prove everything tomorrow and show the truth to everyone.
Devesh says to his mother and brother that he did all this because he loves Swathi and not that Rinki. Rinki is just a puppet for him so that he can stay in that house once the marriage is done and live with his dear Swathi. Mother says you have gone crazy Devesh.
Narad muni says to Santoshi maa, mata today your disciple’s character has been questioned and she will have to go through the Agni-pariskha to prove herself. Santoshi maa says narad ji, Swathi’s honesty and her devotion will protect her from everything. Devi Polomi and her disciples will never succeed. All of humanity will know not to question the character of a woman again!
Devi Polomi laughs and says Devi Santoshi, this time my disciples have played such a trick and game that no one can save Swathi and she will have to leave this house and even you will fail Devi Santoshi.
Next day, burning coal is arranged on the ground for Swathi. Singhasan thinks Swathi was confident about this and was ready for this test, she is not lying. She would have flinched if she was lying but the agni-pariksha will reveal everything. Pandit says it is not safe for Swathi to walk over this as she is pregnant. Singhasan’s brother agrees too and says yes brother, we cannot do this we are doing a sin making Swathi walk over it. Singhasan says Swathi said yes to do the agni-pariksha, she can step back now and accept her mistake then. Swathi says no father, i will give this agni-pariksha and prove i am innocent and loyal to Indresh. Kunti says daughter pray to Santoshi maa. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa as everyone is looking at her for the agni pariksha.

Precap: Devesh tries to stop Swathi from walking on the burning coals. Singhasan says no Devesh, don’t stop her if it proves you are lying, i will burn you from this coal itself. Swathi gets ready to walk over the burning coal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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