Santoshi Maa 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati signs divorce papers.

Santoshi Maa 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh blaming santoshi mata saying she is lier because of her I have got a foolish wife like you & swati shouts his saying do not blame mata & polomi comes to instigate more powers in indresh so again he tells her to not to shout & blaming santoshi mata itself but again swati shouts him saying to not to blame mata again & again then he tells her to sign papers but she refuses & nidhi too tries interfering to tell swati to sign but she refuses her too & indresh pushes him as well as takes the Pooja plate & throws on the ground spreading all materials everywhere while mata santoshi is watching this too. Indresh tries to lift the statue of mata santoshi but swati stops him forcing her to sign the papers & mata santoshi tries informing swati saying to not to sign as polomi is in indresh’s body hence he can’t lift my statue. Indresh is giving swati ultimatum of throwing mata’s idol while swati holds his hands saying I’ll sign & all are feeling glad while mata is also watching depressingly. Swati is taking papers in her hands to sign remembering about her earlier marriage incidences & indresh is forcing her as swati signs the papers finally.
Santoshi mata says what you did this swati as for my devotion you broke relation while dev rishi also says this is crime as the marriage which was performed with blessings of mahadev too has broken only by one signature?
Mata santoshi comes on earth to tell polomi that this is wrong deed done by you but polomi says for my devotee’s wish I do not see if it’s wrong or right but performed only my duty.
Indresh’s father is appreciating indresh saying this is called true son who takes such decision to make women’s aware of their actual status & swati tries to explain indresh but his sister in law shouts her saying to leave from here now as his would be wife is watching you & feeling pained about it so indresh’s mother too appreciates sister in law who said right thing for the first time so tells swati to leave now from here & let we live our life comfortably hence she informs her daughter to bring her belongings & sister in law feels glad about her mother in law.
Swati tries again to explain indresh but he says decision is taken thinking all outcome so now it’s time for you to leave finishing your entire dram here now.
Devi polomi says now the time has finished of devi santoshi’s devotee so to throw her away but santoshi tells her you have already crossed your evil limits & now do not say anything without thinking.
Swati pleads indresh crying & saying I can’t live without you so he says to die as santoshi is shocked while he also tells swati to die outside my house & also take away your devi’s idol from here too as there is no place for your devi & swati is depressingly hearing all this. Polomi smiles towards santoshi mata.
Nidhi tells swati I had given you only 3 days & see now you have signed & also to not to come again in indresh’s life while indresh’s father too tells her to leave or shall I arrange procession ceremony for you.
Indresh’s sister takes swati’s bag to keep out of the house saying now leave from here while polomi also tells santoshi mata that now i’ll rule in this house. Indresh’s sister in law tells swati to take the idol away or I’ll throw it but swati tells her to not to touch the idol about whom you do not know anything & indresh’s father also says yes so to take away the idol while indresh also says yes as I do not wish to see her face too.
Swati picks the idol while santoshi mata is watching her emotionally but angry towards family members & swati says I always wished well-being of this house & also prayed for santoshi mata for happiness but all are ignoring her talks as she is walking towards the door & she is stopped by some hand pulling her & as she looks behind nobody is visible but it’s mata santoshi & swati is feeling about mata’s help itself while polomi comes in between indresh & nidhi holding both of their hands.
Swati & santoshi mata together put their legs out of the house.
Mata paravati is informing mahadev to come out of the meditation to watch what this is happening where human is doing evil against woman on earth so mahadev explains her saying this is kalyug which is going to happen & also gives her the example how paravati took the oath of becoming sati & returning to me earlier becoming my wife again. Paravati asks mahadev but swati’s love is pure so mahadev tells her love has to be pure between two people like in our case too but here indresh became lose against polomi’s evil act so to watch further how long indresh remains in this way.
Swati is walking depressingly & stands in between road crying for help from santoshi mata why you can’t help me but santoshi comes in disguise of her friend again & she tells her all what happened with her today but santoshi thinks saying what ever has indresh done is unknowingly by him & your solution can be resolved by mahadev itself but mahadev ignoring indresh as his devotee now.

Precap : Indresh & nidhi’s haldi celebration takes place while devi polomi too arrives to apply haldi. Dev rishi & santoshi mata are wondering how to stop polomi from applying haldi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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