Santoshi Maa 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh lies Swati about Bubli being his wife.

Santoshi Maa 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Lovely cursing Singhasan saying that the way you have changed in your behaviour towards Swati is little confusing for all of us but he tells Abhay to control her or will throw out of this house instead while Bubli arrives hearing this saying that always discussions happen of some other person to throw from this house but it’s right as lovely has to be thrown to understand how the life is out of the house & lovely shouts her saying to not to interfere in our matter but asks her why have you come here now & she tells them I am here to meet Swati & Indresh.
Indresh is trying to explain Swati that father is not bad & he was only trying to force you to stay here only but Swati says this way as he was warning me of hitting with the stick. Swati asks Indresh what is your role to help me or are you going to benefit anything from me but he is mum & she is forcing him to answer but he couldn’t while Bubli comes & both Swati & Bubli are steering towards each other shockingly wondering looking exactly like twins. Bubli feels surprised saying we look same to same.
Swati asks Indresh who she is & suddenly he says she is my wife & says as both of your faces are familiar so she is help for us to find your husband & family also while Indresh signals Bubli as she is about to stop him.
Ushma devi also comes asking Bubli you too here itself while Swati feels better & Indresh thanks Ushma for coming.
Ushma takes Swati away while Indresh is explaining Bubli about the plans to be executed to make Swati comfortable & she advises him to make it fast now. Indresh prays Mata Santoshi who is watching him.
Pinky is talking with Lovely about Indresh has now got totally attracted to Swati which is alarming for us. Lovely also says that this is another woman has also arrived to harass us.
Singhasan asks Indresh how Swati is & he says she is still better but I had to lie her & Bubli intervenes saying now Indresh has only made me stay over here as he told Swati that I am his wife & they feel confused but Indresh’s mother says it’s ok now while Indresh asks Singhasan did I do right & he says whatever you do now is accepted by me unless it concerns Swati’s health improvement.
Lovely is abusing addressing Bubli saying that we have to handle two women’s of same faces now as one was not enough the second has also arrived to stay here & Singhasan tells her to go & see kitchen work where you are needed actually.
Ushma Devi asks Swati how are you feeling here & Swati says now it’s better after your arrival & she tells her your Didi’s blessings also there with you showing her hand prints on wall & yes says Swati after seeing the prints & getting happy about it but this is seen by Lovely who thinks of some evil planning & Ushma understands & thinks to talk to her later to stop harassing Swati henceforth.
Singhasan says we’ll plan accordingly but Swati hears & asks what you’ll plan now or will you use stick then Bubli intervenes saying actually they have thought to search your family & Singhasan says yes as I have already sent Abhay to search & Swati smiles & also appreciates Bubli about her sweet name.
Devi Polomi is shooting her weapons inside her den in fit of rage but her birds Rangni & Tarangni come to calm her & she appreciates their presence who are faithful towards her in spite all leaving her alone but tells them that I haven’t still lost inspite Devi Santoshi winning & I’ll keep bringing hurdles in life of her devotee who won’t be comfortable.
Ushma asks Mata Santoshi is there any more problems to arise for Swati here & Mata intimates her time will show the developments but you only have to keep eyes her as time will show how positively Swati behaves in future who’ll get the strength to face life strongly & Ushma Devi tells Mata to keep your blessings & Mata blesses her.
Rangni & Tarangni inform Polomi about Devraj Indra being under depression as all celebrations are stopped in Devlok without you & she remembers about she had insulted Devraj.
Devraj says that I thought after this insult you will come to conclusion to behave nicely & return to me instead you are still planning evil & Polomi says I do not wish this status of your Devlok now as you never spoke anything when Mahadev decided & she throws all her jewellery worn on her body including clothing but Indra is trying to stop her saying I too had to keep quiet due to all Gods were deciding in which you were found wrong but our relations are still the same. Devi Polomi comes into her Asoor form saying now I am not the Devi of Devlok & Devraj leaves while Polomi thinks that now I am released from this relation & my hurdles will be cleared by my husband itself.

Precap : Devi Polomi tells Devraj Indra that for our relations you have to destroy Ushma Devi’s existence. Swati informs Indresh that she isn’t able to find Santoshi Didi who is actually Ushma Devi. Indresh goes to search with her & also they finds hand prints being washed from their house wall of Mata Santoshi. Devi Polomi intimates Mata Santoshi of taking revenge due to being thrown out from Devlok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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