Santoshi Maa 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Paulvi sending a storm on the earth. Everyone get shocked. Vinayak and Riddhima look for Santoshi. The people start running. Santoshi runs to them. Vinayak sees the storm ruining the heritage temple. People inside run as boulders start falling. The pandit runs out and tells Vinayak that its some disaster. Vinayak says but Mata’s idol. Riddhima sees pillar falling on Vinayak and pushes him. The pandit goes. Vinayak says we have to save Mata idol. They see boulders falling down and try to reach the idol.

They reach the idol and try to take it. Paulvi gets angry and sends some light. A huge pillar falls over them. Paulvi smiles. Santoshi runs to the temple and recalls Vinayak’s words. Santoshi cries seeing her parents and asks Mata to help. She sits praying. Vinayak and Riddhima see Santoshi praying. Riddhima also prays. Santoshi Maa appears there. Vinayak and Riddhima see her devi avatar. Paulvi is shocked.

Riddhima prays to Mata to protect her daughter. Mata stops a big boulder from falling on Santoshi. Mata smiles.Vinayak and Riddhima die and their sould leave their bodies and enter Mata. Mata goes from there. Many people die in the storm. Santoshi cries seeing them. Mata looks on. Paulvi comes to argue with Mata and says till she is here on earth, how will Santoshi bring satisfaction in them, she will bring greed and cheat in humans.

Mata Santoshi says if she sees her with good sight, there are humans who are contend and selfless. She asks her to see Santoshi. Santoshi sees a little boy crying and plays toy to make him happy. The boy laughs. Santoshi Mata asks Paulvi to see her, this is big example of being contend and future of humans. Paulvi asks what happened with her parents who were your devotees, you could not save them. Mata says I was lucky that you were contend seeing me. Even Lord Krishna accepted death when he was born on earth, this is nature that one who is born has to die. They get Moksh by me. Santoshi cries. Mata says I will see this girl’s future now, whenever she needs me, I will protect and help her. She smiles. Paulvi says I m your challenge, lets see who wins.

Vinayak’s brothers come there and see everything ruined. He says Lord has done all this and looks for Vinayak. The police comes there with ambulances. His brother says police will catch us, if they are alive, they will come home. Santoshi falls down and sees her parents bodies.

The police inspector sees her crying. She asks where is he taking them. He asks whats her name. she says these are my parents. He asks her house address. She says I know. He asks do they know you came in fair. She says yes. He says strange, such big incident and no one came here to check. The family cries seeing the dead bodies. Dadi holds Santoshi. Vinayak’s brother talks about natural disaster and asks inspector will govt declare any compensation for their deaths. He says it would be for Santoshi’s future. The inspector says I m sure, her Tau ji and Chacha ji will take care of her. Dadi consoles Santoshi.

The aunties trouble Santoshi. Mata sings lullaby and makes Santoshi sleep. Paulvi says tomorrow’s sun will bring new problems for Santoshi and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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