Santoshi Maa 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Santoshi in disguise arrives to help Swati.

Santoshi Maa 18th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devi Polomi enjoying watching everybody fallen unconscious after consuming poison.
The woman crying rigorously for help from Swati due to her pregnancy while she is calming her & trying to get some kind of help but the woman is telling her that now you only have to give birth to my child while Swati is confused.
Indresh is trying to release himself from store room where he is tied with rope by hotel staff but in wake of releasing the kerosene falls by his legs spreading everywhere.
Swati is praying Mata Santoshi for help while the woman keeps crying for help from Swati saying that let Mata Santoshi come or no but my child should be saved but Swati is still calming her too & also thinking where Indresh might be hence she tries to go behind the hotel but the woman tells her that behind there is huge jungle so you won’t get any help from there & Swati prays Mata loudly saying that to come for help anyhow if you feel I have devoted myself since childhood purely to you then you’ll come in any form but to come soon.
Mata in deep meditation gets up hearing her devotee’s voice & converts herself into Santoshi Didi like earlier & comes to hotel watching everybody lying unconscious consuming poison.
Devi Polomi says that if Devi Santoshi has being there then I’ll also help my devotee & she uses her powers to convert Devesh into wicked person. Devesh getting powers of Devi Polomi goes to search Indresh & finds him in store room hence he see the kerosene fallen & lights the store room with fire bidding good bye to Indresh.
Mata Santoshi comes to meet Swati while Swati is surprised but Mata tells her that I had told you if you call me then I’ll be always there for your help which shows our bonding is ultimate while the woman asks if you have finished your meeting then look about me & Mata tells her that why your anger is welcoming your child instead you must show your happiness towards your child & Mata keeps her hand on her head which makes her head calm & the woman prays her while Swati is happy about it.
Swati is trying to force the woman to press herself for child’s birth to happen while Mata is explaining her the facts of child’s life while the child takes birth with that help of Mata’s softness.
Swati narrates everything to Santoshi Didi & she advises Swati to take boiled water with turmeric powder & feed to the people lying with poison hence Swati leaves the child with Mata who says to Swati that go & save your Indresh too & Swati goes to arrange the same but sees the fire in store room & opens it finding Indresh in it hence she enters to save him but Devesh sees cursing her that why she went in store room to die with him.
Devi Polomi says that Swati is a fool to enter & now my devotee will also do the same to save her because of his foolish love towards her.
Devesh enters to save Swati but she instead says that all will go from here together or nobody will go hence Devesh picks both of them together & leave outside the room while fire catches him. Indresh tells him to jump in swimming pool & Devesh jumps saving himself & says that this time I failed but next time I won’t.
Indresh sees everybody lying unconscious & cries for Rinky, Abhay, Lovely & all while Swati is calming him but he tries to call doctor & police but Mata comes to tell him that due to curfew nothing is nearby & far off from this place. Swati brings boiled water & turmeric powder to feed water to them while Mata stops her.

Precap: Devi Polomi tells Mata that if you feel you have saved these people this time then you are wrong because this is just a signal of future problems to arrive as death does not leave the person so easily because some other reason will follow them if not due to poison their death is ultimate by any other reason & only you keep watching & Mata is just hearing whatever she is talking.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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