Santoshi Maa 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati arranging pooja of mata santoshi.

Santoshi Maa 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh’s father comes appreciating for police dept. while swati’s brother tells inspector my father is not guilty while indresh’s father is abusing him & also putting allegations of bribe on his father. Swati’s mother is pleading indresh’s father while he tells police that I’ll help you to put him in jail for long. Indresh’s father is warning swati’s father to be in limits but he says you do anything to me but not to harass my daughter while swati’s mother says we will leave this place but please do not harass my daughter then he says take away your daughter along with you too & to stop all kinds of drama which she has been creating in our house.
Indresh’s mother is doing medication to her daughter-in-law while she curses her that now she will keep pinching me for long to doing this medication to me. Grandmother is telling her to be under control of your behavior.
Indresh’s sister is planning some evil with her sister-in-law. Dev rishi informs mata that some tricky plan is happening towards your devotee so mata explains him that punishment is not given on all evils but there is some limit to punish a person but dev rishi tells her atleast to inform your devotee then she tells him let the devotee help herself with her brains & to show her ability. Mata’s guard tells dev rishi to let mata take meditation as today being Friday her devotees will be performing Pooja for her & dev rishi leaves.
Swati tells indersh to arrange materials for Pooja of mata & he goes while indresh’s sister plans to destruct food items.
Mata santoshi’s Pooja is performed by her devotees at her bhawan.
Indresh goes & call children’s telling them whoever eaten salty will come to eat Prasad of santoshi mata.
Swati is arranging Pooja of mata while indresh comes with children’s & arranges for them to sit. His sister & sister-in-law are watching & planning.
Swati & indresh are performing Pooja saying mantra of mata.
Indresh says children’s have come then swati tells him you too have fast but he asks to explain him how to perform Pooja for mata & she explains him in details which should not go wrong anywhere & then to place bhog in front of her.
Children’s are saying lot of time has passed so when will we get Prasad then one them calms them saying let Pooja complete but indresh’s sister brings sweet for them saying till time eat this & they feel glad about we have done our work & now swati’s Pooja will get destructed as polomi is watching.
Dev rishi is informing mata santoshi about what evil has happened by children’s eating sweet or your devotee will do evil.
Indresh & swati are providing food to children’s but tell them to not to eat till we allow you.
Polomi is telling dev rishi why are you getting so uneasy as it’s on devotee how to perform Pooja then only that devotee can be punished if goes wrong in performing Pooja. Dev rishi says I know you better as I feel you wish to destruct mata’s devotees Pooja so she says if you think this way then be it & dev rishi tells mata if you heard polomi then to act fast & mata tells him polomi is saying right as devotee does wrong then he has to be punished so that in future that devotee should learn her lessons while polomi thinks I wish to destroy her present itself so that no devotee will meditate for devi santoshi in future for which I am waiting to achieve something so that I’ll destroy everything.

Precap: Indresh’s father is shouting indresh saying now you will teach children’s how to do pooja then indresh tells him it’s for good cause then he says you do not have to teach me. Swati is providing food to children’s while mata & dev rishi are watching them eating.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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