Santoshi Maa 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ushma devi comes to singhasan’s house.

Santoshi Maa 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with polomi comes to alert her asoors on earth who are stuck due to moon blocking sky & they ask her why can’t we leave earth & she gives them the reason behind is moon’s block so can leave when next time moon block appears & she also gives them ring which will safeguard them telling to be around swati’s in laws place only because devi santoshi won’t stay calm & will leave to search swati but her powers are in their place. Polomi also tells them to inform swati’s father in law secretly that they have killed her & to not to disclose anybody.
Singhasan is wondering while the asoors arrive & seeing with his members they tell him she couldn’t be killed & he is abusing them but calmly they take him aside & secretly tell him the truth that they have killed her & to keep secret but in between swati’s parents come searching swati while singhasan is abusing them too & swati’s mother tells him we never wished to roam also around here but since yesterday night swati is missing from temple & the brahman also told us that she was attacked by some four goons & they fell unconscious so came to ask you that where is my swati while anuj tells her mother that these are those goons who had attacked sister swati but indresh’s brother tells him you said they were unconscious & now you are saying these are those so keep one statement while you utter & singhasan says yes we had sent goons but your daughter ran away then too her mother insists to search the house but indresh stops telling them to leave & whatever information is told is enough for you while one of asoor steers nidhi feeling attracted towards her. Swati’s mother while leaving warns singhasan about santoshi mata’s anger who won’t leave you & will come to punish you.
Ushma devi is on her way towards earth with her terror power while dev rishi confusingly telling mata paravati that ushma devi’s power will destroy earth & where will she stay now? Santoshi mata lifting swati is also on her way.
Indresh sees one of asoor steering nidhi so he shouts him saying to stop steering & he is getting wild but loses his anger blowing a plant tree unknowingly. Nidhi tells indresh to not to panic because it’s enough for me that swati isn’t here & they leave. The asoors in disguise of goons tells singhasan that we have to stay here for some days but he says you can’t then too they warn him about disclosing truth to police & he allows them.
Singhasan says today is party day while polomi also says I too fell the same as I have cleared my biggest hurdle but still one more problem is there that is devi santoshi & thinks where she can be?
Santoshi mata asks help from vishwakarma god to build such a place which should be unknown by anybody even evils & gods too. Vishwakarma provides place telling mata that your devotee will be safe here & mata thanks vishwakarma god.
Singhasan is celebrating in his house with music & dance but indresh asks him what is this as she is missing but still not gone away from this world & he tells him I am sure she won’t come again & all are enjoying taking nidhi also for dance while singhasan thinks drinking tea that now no drama will happen in my house henceforth.
Ushma devi enters gate compound of singhasan’s house as his cup breaks & all wonder but he still tells them to dance & not to worry about this. As ushma devi entering compound, flower pots are breaking & stormy weather erupts near & inside his house compound while ushma devi shouts calling singhasan singh as all are shocked wondering who is it? & she pushes the door of their house as all of them are facing a huge light on their faces troubling them to see her properly & asking who is it? while santoshi mata is arranging for swati to make her comfortably sleep on flower bed.
Mata paravati tells dev rishi now swati’s place will be which is built by god vishwakarma & there only devi ushma will make her place in between evils while dev rishi praises mata.
Singhasan asks her who are you & from which dept. while ushma devi asks singhasan i want to meet swati but they tell her she is not here anymore now & we don’t have any relations with her but devi introduces herself as swati’s far off cousin sister & indresh says to not to lie as swati did not had any such sister & she is giving all of their introductions to them itself as they all get surprised & also pinches singhasan what he has done last night she knows about & he shakes. Nidhi tells her to leave this house but she abuses her saying it’s not your house also as you are still not married with him but indresh tells her swati’s relation has ended with us & she takes a cup of tea & sits drinking while all are shocked to see her behavior.
Dev rishi talks wondering with mata paravati that I felt ushma devi will create terror seeing her anger but nothing such happened & mata paravati explains him this is study of mahadev that he made santoshi’s anger to get created by ushma who has calm, anger, mindset of handling such conditions & he praises mahadev also asks where can be mata santoshi & she tells him she will be comfortable with her devotee wherever she is.
Ushma devi says swati is not a paper who can be washed out so easily then where she has vanished & you have to answer as she could not be found anywhere then where? & singhasan abuses her saying you feel to be ultra smart of yourself & she is drinking tea while nidhi comes to stop her saying this is father in laws place so to get up but as she touches cup then with the power of ushma devi nidhi faints & all are trying to hold her.

Precap : Santoshi mata explains swati that soul is eternal & you should not be selfish with your body while swati asks her so am i dead? Polomi sees swati’s soul safe & feels santoshi devi can’t lose so pledges to search body of swati & clutch so then only santoshi devi can lose. Singhasan asks ushma that why have you come here from swati’s parents house & she tells him I had told you unless you do not answer my query I won’t leave from here so I’ll stay here or answer my question?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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