Santoshi Maa 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh’s mother & all take mata santoshi’s statue out of the house.

Santoshi Maa 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi polomi praising herself saying i cannot be defeated by anybody not even gods too in my evil thinking’s.
Swati’s parents are talking about how to help swati & to send some materials to her while police arrives to arrest swati’s father but they are arguing with police inspector & finally swati’s father tells his wife let me go as i haven’t done anything so nothing will happen to me while swati’s mother & brother is scared. All other people are watching while swati’s brother is telling them to go away as no drama is happening here.
Swati’s brother tells his mother this is done by indresh’s father itself so i’ll speak with him but she stops him saying to not to inform swati too as she should not fall in any trouble there as swati too never tells us what is happening there.
Mata santoshi comes on earth & meets indresh as they are discussing about how was marriage & he praises mata saying because of your blessing this could happen & he asks her where you stay so she tells him near that temple while dev rishi tells her to show your house now mata as your devotee is aksing you & he asks her to show your house then she tells him later but you go now as swati must be waiting & he tells him today is santoshi mata’s pooja day that’s why i am in a hurry or i would had called you then she tells him to remember me by your heart.
Indresh’s sister comes telling her mother that she has kept mata santoshi’s statue in our temple & they discuss & decide to take statue out of the temple while swati is trying to stop them but they do not stop.
Devi polomi is delighted seeing this thinking i do not have to do anything as they itself are doing my work.
They are lifting the statue from temple & keeping under a tree outside their house but a bunch of tree falls on indresh’s daughter -in-law’s hands & she is hit badly crying & cursing swati but happened due to santoshi mata’s support. Indresh’s mother pushes swati telling to stay away from my son while indresh holds her from falling as she lifts statue in her hands & indresh says to not to worry as i won’t allow you to fall. Indresh’s sister curses swati but indresh tells her it’s punishment from mata itself then all are arguing with indresh including his brother & father too saying he has become blind in love of this girl.
Indresh’s mother & father are warning swati to not to bring statue inside the house saying this is not dharamshala that anybody will enter our house. Indresh explains swati now it’s enough as we will stay somewhere else because my family won’t accept but swati explains him to not to worry as i cannot divide you from your parents but mata santoshi will bless us as i am devotee of mata.
Swati’s mother & brother come to police station asking inspector about swati’s father but the inspector is insulting his father & he gets arrogant so they arrest both of them & put in jail while swati’s father is telling them why you came here & why can’t you see nobody is here to listen to us. Indresh’s father comes in police station clapping.

Precap: Indresh’s father tells them to be under your limits while swati’s mother says if you wish we’ll leave this place too & he tells her to take away your daughter too along with you. Dev rishi tells polomi that i feel you wish to disturb mata santoshi’s devotees pooja. Swati asks children’s did you eat anything salty? then one of them say chocalate is eaten. Mata santoshi says if my devotee is wrong then he or she has to be punished.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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