Santoshi Maa 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi Paulmi meets Prabal

Santoshi Maa 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi getting angry and arguing with Devraj Indra. She asks him to free Asur Raj from prison. He says I can’t help you, Brahmadev will doubt on me. She says I will take revenge of my insult for sure. Santoshi sings and does aarti of Santoshi Maa. Everyone prays. Narad comes and greets Devi Paulmi. He asks why does she look angry today. He taunts her.

Dadi says we will leave now. Santoshi asks Guddu to get gift for her. Guddu says I will get next time. Sharmili says don’t leave him, take money from him. Dhairya asks Santoshi to let Guddu go. The kids ask Guddu to give something. Guddu says fine. Santoshi says I was joking, siblings relation is of love, not money, I will take gift later. He promises her. They hug. Santoshi asks Dadi to take care and hugs her. They leave.

Dhairya talks to kids. He says I will take you two for icecream. Rudrakshi says I will sit on your shoulder. Dhairya gets hurt. Santoshi asks him to show wound. She sees the wound marks and says you got much hurt, you won’t go anywhere, I will get haldi lep. Kaka says I will get icecream for them, take rest.

Devi Paulmi says I don’t know how to get discontent in their life, Prabal is my brother, he will surely help me, none identifies him. Santoshi applies lep to Dhairya’s wounds. She cries. He says let’s forget it, its good we are together else…. She says don’t say anything and hugs him.

Devi Paulmi tries to contact Prabal. Prabal wins the gambling win. Everyone chants his name. He says why don’t we celebrate victory with wine today. A lady feeds him wine and dances. Prabal plays the game. Devi Paulmi says I can enter this magical circle and enter his Kaksh. The people praise Prabal. Devi Paulmi comes there. He says you here….. Everyone leaves. He says I was playing a game. She says Devtas have caught your dad, and you are busy in play here. He asks what, I will attack on that Devtas. She says fool, do you have sense or not, you have to be prepared. He says I will first prepare and then attack. She says you are my brother, but you have no quality of me, you are a stain on Asurs’ name. He asks what are you saying, you know I m very powerful, if you are thinking something else, I will do what you want. She shows him Santoshi and Dhairya, and says they are your dad’s culprits, I m hurt seeing them, I will take revenge from them first, Asur Raj will find a way to take revenge from Devtas, but you can make their life hell. He agrees and says I will kill them. She says no, just Dhairya. He asks why. She says its a game of cheat, you won’t understand. She laughs and asks him to do what’d told to him, go and make Santoshi a widow, so that her life gets worse than hell.

He says why are we not killing them together. She says sometimes life is worse than hell. She asks him to kill Dhairya when his shadow gets bigger than him, he will not get Mukti, if you attack on right time, Dhairya will get restless even after death, Santoshi’s life will be like hell, we have to snatch her happiness. He agrees.

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  1. Summer

    Its ridiculous how all the most powerful god fail to see that this is Devi Paulomi doing. Yet, she is able to turn into a butterfly and eavesdrop on the three goddess and Santoshi maa conversation. Its about time Devi Pauloumi luck runs out and she gets punished; lose
    her power.

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