Santoshi Maa 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu telling everyone that Seshnath got Appendicitis. Doctor asked to treat it soon by operation. Madhvi and everyone get shocked. Santoshi says Seshnath will get fine. Daksha says cost will be much, it will be nearly 1-2 lakhs, how will money come. Doctor asks them to arrange money, else operation can’t happen, if case gets serious, we can’t do anything, his life is in risk, I m sorry, I can’t do anything till you deposit money.

Madhvi asks Guddu to do home and sell her jewelry, it will cost 50000rs. Guddu says we want 1 lakh. Madhvi asks Daksha to help her. Daksha says I don’t have money. Madhvi says give your jewelry, it will be big favor. Daksha says I m helpless. Dadi asks how can you be so selfish. Daksha says I can’t help, I can’t give jewelry, as Bua took it already. They all get shocked.

Daksha says I could not return money to Bua, so she took my jewelry. Madhvi says you did not tell me. Daksha says I wish if I had savings, I would have given you. Madhvi falls and cries. Santoshi says Santoshi Maa will show the way. Madhvi asks how will we get money, its my sins whose punishment Seshnath is getting. Santoshi prays and sees a man giving advance. Santoshi says I got a way, I will get money to save Seshnath. Daksha thinks will Santoshi beg now to get money.

Devi Paulmi says its injustice that three Devis are supporting Devi Santoshi. Narad comes and greets her. He says you wanted Santoshi’s fast to be incomplete. She says you will be glad that her fast did not break. He says no, but I m glad no one’s evil could harm Santoshi, she is saving Seshnath, wherein Madhvi was harming her fast, all your attempts failed. She says she will hit again. He says your wish, I just came to explain and goes.

Santoshi comes to meet Madhu. Pushpa asks her to go. Santoshi recalls Seshnath’s state and runs inside the house to call Madhu. Madhu, Pratap and everyone come there. Santoshi says I want to talk. Pushpa says she got mad, she is asking for advance. Pratap asks is this way to shout at night and ask for money, take her. Kaka says Pratap hear her once, she looks worried. Nupur says its her face like that, she is doing drama. Santoshi says I want 1 lakh advance, cut in my salary, my uncle will die. Nupur says she is headache, not a cook.

Madhu stops Santoshi. Pratap says don’t tell me Madhu that you came in her words. She says its ladies matter, I will manage, please go inside. He says fine and goes. Madhu goes to talk to Santoshi. Santoshi thanks her for helping. Madhu gets money. Santoshi says I can’t repay this favor. You have big heart, I will work day and night to repay money. Madhu says its more than 1 lakh, I will not take it back, but I have a condition. Santoshi says I will do what you say. Madhu says think of it, you have to sell yourself to me for this money. Santoshi gets shocked and asks what are you saying. Madhu says we are buying you, your life will be mine and this money yours. She asks her to swear on Santoshi Maa. Santoshi recalls her family and cries. She says I will do this like you say, give me this money. Madhu smiles. Santoshi says I swear on Santoshi Maa that I will not move back and sell myself to you by my promise. Madhu gives her money.

She asks her to sign on this paper and gives her. She says we will think what to write on this paper, but remember you are my servant now. Santoshi says I accept this and signs on paper. She thanks Madhu and goes. Madhu says I will teach you a lesson now.

Narad sees a fly getting caught inside the flowers. He asks Mata what is this justice, one does mistake and other gets punishment, I m worried for Santoshi. Mata says what time has decided for human, it happens, its fate written by Brahmadev, we can’t change it. The fly comes out of flower an goes. Narad smiles. Mata says humans can change fate by their deeds, same thing works as poison for one and medicines for other, maybe poison by Madhu becomes medicine for Santoshi. He says you know your Leela. She smiles.

Santoshi tells Dadi that she is going for work. She will come sometimes to meet them. Dadi gets shocked. Madhu says Santoshi slapped my son, now she is my servant.

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