Santoshi Maa 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Bubbly decides to help ushma devi.


Santoshi Maa 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with singhsan abusing ushma saying before friday itself your drama finished & tells the man to take her away. Santoshi mata intimates ushma to search the truth by going with this person.
Ushma leaves with him while singhasan shouts swati’s parents, brahman to leave as drama is finished & also his brother warns his wife if seen again here then I’ll cut your legs. Indresh also tells nidhi to take him inside but swati’s mother is pleading him to please complete this Pooja atleast so that my daughter will get blessings of this to return but he instead scolds her saying how can you believe this woman who has killed your daughter & refuses to do any Pooja further also shouting all his family members to not to take swati’s name in this house henceforth & swati’s father is calming her while santoshi mata watching all this sitting there in disguise of an old woman.
Nidhi while taking indresh his wheel of chair breaks making him confused to think & swati’s mother explaining him it must be signal of god to complete this Pooja but he ignores her.
Santoshi mata is calming swati’s parents as well as her aunty to keep faith in god & he’ll definitely help you.
Singhasan & all go inside their house while santoshi mata including swati’s parent’s too leave.
Mata santoshi is discussing with dev rishi that now moon block is nearing so we have to act fast to make swati alive again because indresh also won’t perform Pooja now & dev rishi advises finally its only mahadev who can help us now.
The man is taking ushma holding her hand while she tells him to leave her hands as I am coming with you & he asks her are you seriously coming with me & yes says ushma as you only said I am your wife thinking devi polomi your truth will anyhow I’ll disclose.
Singhasan tells indresh we’ll both have tea together in this happy occasion while bubbly comes running asking for money but singhasan says what money & she warns him as indresh tells singhasan to give her money & let her go as i do not wish to see her face any more over here & she too says i too do not wish to waste my time here in you foolish people’s surrounding. Singhasan also abuses her saying yes take your money & go away from our lives as it was good swati died & indresh gets surprised hearing this from his father’s mouth.
Santoshi mata & dev rishi come to meet mahadev who is in meditation so they ask mata paravati about meditation of mahadev & she replies to wait for some time.
Bubbly comes to her mother getting money as she is chanting mantra of mahadev & she tells her to get ready to leave from here thinking need to go away from singhasan & his family but her mother asks her where now leaving this house but she accuses the small house saying we’ll take bigger house there & she doubts so she tells her to take my promise & asks her aren’t you doing anything wrong but bubbly thinks after father it’s daughter’s duty to take care of her mother replies her no.
Swati’s mother is crying for her while walking on the road as she feels to catch bubbly & santoshi for asking what can we do & she is running while suddenly she gets hit by a car & swati’s father holds her as the driver too comes out to hold her but bubbly & her mother also comes from the same car they were planning to leave & swati’s mother stops & accuses her to tell the truth while bubbly’s mother hears this but swati’s mother faints with the shock & the driver takes her to hospital while bubbly’s mother is accusing her & she is trying to divert her attention but she slaps her giving examples of her father how he had made his name & you being destroying his name & bubbly gets emotional understanding mistake so she pleads her mother but her mother leaves her & she gets depressed so she thinks to contact ushma but can’t connect her call while ushma understands bubbly searching her.
The unknown man is harassing ushma tying with the rope to utter the truth & also slaps her but polomi’s guru comes to calm her as she is using man’s body & guru tells her to not to disclose your powers towards simple human which is against gods. Ushma understands polomi’s guru also knows all about this it seems. The man warns her & leaves while ushma intimates mata santoshi to help bubbly as she is searching me.
Bubbly is searching ushma everywhere & reaches near santoshi mata’s temple thinking mata can help me now as santoshi mata is already there near her in disguise of same old woman.

Precap : Dev rishi asks santoshi mata has ushma’s location traced & mata says not yet due to she is clutched by polomi’s powers so i have told ushma not to use her gods powers. Indresh asks his mother today whatever happened was wrong but is it santoshi killed swati or father? while she falls in confusion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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