Santoshi Maa 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati is forced by Devesh to marry him.

Santoshi Maa 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh is performing Pooja of Shri Hanuman reading mantra from Hanuman Chalisa book advised by Dev Rishi to him so that all his troubles will vanish.
Devesh & Swati’s marriage is taking place but Brahman is trying to stop them then too Devesh is forcing him to continue the process of marriage.
Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi are also praying Shri Hanuman to get help from him for Swati to get free from Devesh by bringing trouble in marriage process.
Shri Hanuman is arriving while the whole celebration of marriage is getting slowly affected by storm & Mata Santoshi appreciates Shri Hanuman while Devi Polomi gets intuition of Shri Hanuman arriving it seems hence she too forces Brahman to complete the process soon.
Indresh is performing Pooja along with his family members of Shri Hanuman while Shri Hanuman is on his way having his huge Gadha weapon along with him.
Devesh is forcing Swati to apply Sindoor but Brahman is trying to stop him then too Devesh is shutting Brahman’s mouth & forcing Swati. The storm comes around their house which washes the Yagna Kund of marriage shocking Devi Polomi & Brahman gets scared saying due to Gods terror this has happened but Devesh forces him to keep quiet.
Dev Rishi asks Mata Santoshi about the importance of Sindoor & she explains him giving example of Shri Hanuman who had also asked Sita Mata the same question & she told him that this has so much power after applying on woman’s forehead to express her sign of devotion towards her husband who is always secured by facing any troubles in his life hence Shri Hanuman applied taking lot of Sindoor completely all over his body telling Sita Mata that if you can apply little Sindoor & Shri Ram is secured than I’ll see to it that my true devotion will also keep him completely secured by this.
Indresh completes his Pooja of Shri Hanuman along with his family members while Pinky comes to tell her mother that Laila needs tea & Singhasan shouts her to not to give but her mother calms him to only bear for one day & let marriage finish smoothly which is also wished by Indresh telling him the same.
Swati picks Sindoor & shouts Devesh that I’ll put but of my Indresh name & nobody else’s & she too applies the Sindoor all over her body shocking Devesh & Devi Polomi while Swati keeps cursing Devesh.

Precap: Bajrang Bali Shri Hanuman in disguise throws a ring in Indresh’s house which he sees while Swati is pleading for help from Bajrang Bali & he arrives in disguise asking her are you fine but she asks him who are you & he tells her I am an informer & gives her ring telling it’s being sent by Indresh to you. Mata Santoshi is warning Devi Polomi that her devotee is secured by Bajrang Bali so to not to play any pranks or you’ll be destroyed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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