Santoshi Maa 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Santoshi mata helps swati by arranging arrest of indresh & his father.

Santoshi Maa 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh trying to pull mangalsutra from swati’s neck while mahadev & paravati are watching & paravati comes & pulls polomi from body of indresh while swati slaps indresh. Indresh’s father gets shocked & shouts swati saying what are you doing & indresh pulls swati & tries pushing her outside the house but a lady inspector comes & holds her asking indresh what are you doing while chief inspector too comes to arrest indresh & his father but indresh’s father shouts inspector saying what are you doing & do you know who I am?
Polomi is talking with mata paravati saying this is not good you came to do this then paravati tells what you were doing was absolutely wrong against ethics of gods & polomi says may be you are helping your daughter only becoming partial for her & paravati shouts her.
Santoshi mata had informed police station about swati being tortured at nidhi’s house & facing trouble because her husband doing second marriage but inspector does not listen to her saying I cannot do anything against indresh’s father as he is very powerful so santoshi leaves.
Indresh’s father, uncle & his brother too are trying to explain inspector or warning him too but he denies saying the order is from top level so I can’t do anything & I wonder how this order had come.
Santoshi mata had being gone to top level officer to inform & the officer had come to scold the inspector so he had gone to arrest both of them.
Dev rishi praises santoshi mata for helping swati in disguised form that was really appreciating.
Indresh’s father blames swati’s parents they must have done this of complaining on top level & inspector takes them while indresh warns swati saying you’ll see that now I’ll marry nidhi itself & swati becomes depressed hearing him.
Indresh’s uncle tries to shout & beat aunty but swati stops her & indresh’s mother intervenes shouting swati & also cursing her. Nidhi too shouts swati but tells her that see how I have squeezed your husband indresh from you. Nidhi’s father asks forgiveness from swati saying I am part of this family so I have to be with them.
Polomi is talking with mata paravati arrogantly so mata paravati shouts her again while dev rishi comes to calm paravati & tells polomi to behave properly as you are in devlok so to act accordingly but she tells dev rishi why you do not explain santoshi then he explains that you do evil acts to spread in this world while santsohi spreads love so you think who is better & polomi keeps quiet taking leave from mata paravati.
Santoshi mata comes to calm swati but she is cursing her saying when required you did not come or you could had explained indresh so now I do not need you & santoshi tries to explain her but she refuses to listen to her saying it was my parents who informed police due to which I was saved & they got arrested so santoshi leaves while swati’s parents come searching swati & she praises her parents for informing police but they say we had not informed & swati understands it was santoshi itself so she goes to stop her & santoshi explains her that this fight is absolutely yours so you have to do this with love & not with wrong ethics while i am always with you & swati understands it.
Nidhi is cursing herself & calling polomi saying you had only suggested me to do this while polomi watches this & thinks this anger is good & your anger has to be kept this way itself so she pushes her powers towards nidhi to have anger always in her.
Swati reaches police station telling indresh that you do not have to be in custody any moment now & informs inspector to release indresh & her father in law. Indresh & his father are steering her angrily.
Dev rishi tells santoshi that now indresh is still acting against swati then santoshi explains him that now swati has to fight this matter on her own.

Precap : Indresh shouts swati saying I will get married with nidhi itself & there is only one way out that to sign these papers now & she is upto signing it the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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