Santoshi Maa 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Singhasan’s family’s Old Grand woman arrives to check Swati’s pregnancy.

Santoshi Maa 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev Rishi concentrating on Singhasan’s change of behaviour while Mata Santoshi keeps calling him but he isn’t replying hence she shouts him & he hears her shout. Mata asks him why he couldn’t hear her voice & he asks Mata that I am wondering the change in Singhasan which is a sign of positivity. Mata explains him that this is human’s behaviour that if something happens as per his or her wish then they tend to change because this change is due to a child’s arrival hence the whole family is in excitement mood.
Indresh keeps a toy of child pretending & playing with it while Swati is watching him happily. Indresh’s mother too is enjoying making a child’s image & hugging it which is seen by Indresh’s uncle who feels very happy & emotional towards her love for a child. Lovely is also enjoying the excitement of a child hanging photos on their wall while Abhay feels very sad because he had heard from his mother about anxiety of a child from him which his wife couldn’t conceive. Pinky is also excited of child’s arrival getting ready for her next program arranged & thinking of enjoying with Devesh while Devesh is enjoying drink planning some more evil tricks towards Swati. Singhasan is also enjoying massage done by Laila & lost in child’s dream while Laila is bugged.
Indresh’s mother is arranging flowers for decoration & Swati gets ready & puts some flowers in front of Mata Santoshi informing her mother in law who also feels let Mata bless Pinky.
Pinky comes & tells Swati to atleast behave properly in future with Devesh accepting him as she too is happy of her child’s arrival while her mother assures her that now whatever has happened is accepted & Swati won’t do anything henceforth hence Swati too accepts her advice.
Devesh & family arrive while singing program begins & along with Laila Pinky too dances on her song & all join them.
The old woman whom Singhasan invited arrives whom he welcomes calling grandmother & the program is stopped. Grandmother has hearing problems hence everybody shout to make her hear & Swati’s mother in law introduces Swati requesting to check her pregnancy status for which she is called here. Grandmother is checking Swati’s nerves while Singhasan shouts telling her that doctor’s testing has being done but we have faith in you & she feels happy about it but checks her saying that everything is fine but need to check completely. Laila feels confused thinking this old woman is very experienced it seems but if she discloses the child’s growth then Devesh’s marriage with Pinky will hamper hence to do something & she interrupts telling Singhasan that first let the guest get proper welcome offering her to eat something & Singhasan also feels right about Laila hence Laila brings sweets to her but she insists of not eating then too Laila is forcing her & she gets bugged on her saying that aren’t you understanding I am having fast that’s why can’t eat today & Indresh’s mother stops Laila to stay way & advises grandmother to go inside & check Swati. They both go inside the room while Laila & Devesh are confused how to stop this old woman & Devesh is showing intimation signal to Laila to stop old woman anyhow now but Laila thinks otherwise that the old will disclose everything it seems.

Precap: Laila is moving Swati all around while dancing but Swati feels losing her balance & is about to fall but Indresh holds her while Devesh shouts her name & Singhasan as well as Indresh’s mother run to help her. Pinky asks Devesh about why so concerned for Swati but suddenly he spills that it was for his son & Pinky is shocked along with Singhasan & his wife too. Indresh is also steering him in anger but Mata Santoshi opens her eyes smiling.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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