Santoshi Maa 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati’s pregnancy celebration takes place.

Santoshi Maa 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mata Santoshi plucking seven different flowers explaining Dev Rishi who wonders asking her about it & she says flowers are as per stages of Swati’s life which means seven flowers blessing to her seven stages of life hence Dev Rishi appreciates her special love towards her devotee.

Swati is brought making her ready by her mother in law in their hall of house where all other guests & family members are waiting for her celebration to begin while Swati wonders why Indresh hasn’t arrived yet.

Mata Paravati meets Mata Santoshi & Dev Rishi while Mata Santoshi appreciates Mata Paravati & Prabhu Mahadev as a great couple for example to this world but asks her that does the love increase between the couple if stayed away for long or does it create gap between each other & she explains her that both have the liberty to stay away from each other for some time to enjoy their space but keeping a guard on it & Santoshi Mata asks her that you must have also faced some such incidence earlier hence she narrates her example of bringing a child by her who was named as Ganesh to guard both of them so in the same way Swati’s child will also be a special & blessed one in this world to spread devotion & destroy evil. While narrating a weird fly interrupts flying on flowers doubting Mata Santoshi about Devi Polomi’s plans hence she goes near the fly but it flies away. Mata Santoshi says this was informer of Devi Polomi who might now plan some evil against Swati & her child it seems hence need to be alert & Mata Paravati hands over a chain to Mata Santoshi for safety of Swati & her child.

Swati’s celebration takes place while Brahman is performing rituals taking her mother in law also to complete the same as per tradition while a child Ganesh arrives in between the prayers performed sitting near Shri Ganesh’s idol & eats sweets which is watched by Swati who smiles but others are singing prayers with closed eyes & he leaves while Swati keeps wondering watching him.
Song & dance takes place with Lovely taking initiative of the same along with Rinky & all other ladies too later join them taking Swati along for dancing carefully.

The fly informs Devi Polomi about Swati’s child being special & blessed which she heard in Mata Santoshi’s meeting with Mata Paravati hence she is shocked calling her Guru Shukracharya for help but he tells her that Swati’s girl child is blessed due to her life being saved by Tridev’s when her destiny was written as death so now that child will spread devotion & humanity in this world destroying your existence hence Devi Polomi gets wild saying that I have to see that Swati dies in her pregnancy state itself.

Precap: Indresh & Samiksha arrive in Swati’s celebration. Mata Santoshi along with Mata Paravati & two other Devi’s also arrive in disguise for Swati’s celebration & Mata Santoshi presents a chain tying on her hand telling her this is security chain for her hence to not to remove at any cost.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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