Santoshi Maa 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Madhu how did he let Santoshi go. Madhu says calm down, that slap was on my cheek and Santoshi has to pay for it. He asks how. She asks how much serious are you about your GF. He says you mean Priya, nothing serious, but I like her, she is like you in everything, she can do anything for me. Madhu gets angry and scolds him, as he says Priya is her copy. She says Madhu is just one in the world. He says I m sorry, do you not like Priya?

She says I don’t like comparison, I like Priya, your choice is my choice. He says sorry, I mea Priya aspires to be like you. She says I know, Priya and you look good together and hugs him. Janardhan tells Daksha that he came to know Dadi went Lucknow, Santoshi can’t work as maid. Daksha says I will send Santoshi there. Dadi and Santoshi come home. Dadi scolds Daksha and says I got to know everything. She asks Janardhan to swear on her that Santoshi worked for his boss. He apologizes and says that’s not my boss, sorry, I did not have courage to tell you truth. Dadi says you should be ashamed, you lied and made Santoshi do maid’s work. Daksha asks what is wrong, I have sent Santoshi to cook, not work as maid, we have spent money on her raising, you also have medicines and food, who will pay for it. Dadi scolds them and says you all did this as per your duty, you took compensation and her parents’ property.

Bittoo comes there. Daksha asks what happened Amma, did you think about Bittoo, who will marry her after what happened, we have to give enough dowry to get good guy for her. Did you ask how we run home? Madhvi smiles. Daksha scolds Madhvi and Janardhan. She says Santoshi will work and earn for herself. Dadi says but… Santoshi tells Dadi that she will pay Daksha, its not bad if I work and earn. Daksha is right, many people cook, its not small work, I don’t have qualification to do office work. She asks Daksha to inform Pushpa that she will come for work. Daksha blesses her and says Santoshi is mature and brave, she took right decision. Janardhan says I have to go out for work and goes. Santoshi asks Dadi to take rest. She sees Bittoo. Bittoo cries. Santoshi asks are you angry with me. Bittoo says I m ashamed. Santoshi says that guy should be ashamed. Bittoo says I did not trust you and got fooled. She apologizes. Santoshi says its good you realized your mistake, next time test the person and then trust. She asks her to smile and hugs her. Bittoo says now I can’t go college, mum stopped me.

Santoshi says Daksha is angry, she will send you once her anger goes. Bittoo says no, she will not agree. Santoshi says I will talk to her, don’t worry, I will not let your studies stop, this is my promise.

Madhu thinks how to get Santoshi back, as I promised Dhairya, shall I give her any bribe. Pushpa comes and says there is a good news, sorry to come like this. Madhu scolds her. Pushpa says Daksha called and said Santoshi will come for work. Madhu says good, but explain her that she will leave job by our wish, else we will not leave her. Pushpa goes. Madhu says now I will make sure till Dhairya’s revenge gets completed, Santoshi does not leave from here.

Daksha is glad and says I did not have to do anything, Santoshi agreed to go for work. Santoshi comes and Daksha thinks did Santoshi hear her. She gives her tea. She says I told Pushpa that you will come for work. Santoshi says I had to say that you don’t stop Bittoo from going to college. Daksha says you know what Bittoo did. Madhvi will taunt me. Santoshi says Bittoo did mistake, but she can go college. Daksha says I sent her to college to study and she learnt to make boyfriend, she forgot the values, I have much values as I did not go school. Santoshi says education makes person great humans, if you lock Bittoo in room, she will not forget things. Daksha says I know you love Bittoo, but don’t support her, I will make her fine my way. She asks her to go for work tomorrow and have tea.

Dadi thinks what magic Daksha did on Santoshi, Santoshi just listens to Daksha, when will she get sense, and prays. Santoshi comes and talks to Dadi. Dadi says if your parents were alive, would they let you work. Santoshi says I have to work to lessen burden on family, it can be useful in Bittoo’s marriage expenses. Devi Paulmi says I m excited seeing Santoshi going back, I m happy and will see Santoshi’s devotion ending. She smiles.

Santoshi sings aarti and prays to Mata. Madhvi adds lemon in Santoshi’s food she kept for fasting. Mata gets angry seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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