Santoshi Maa 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati leaves for fast while Singhasan is unable to do his work.

Santoshi Maa 11th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Indresh lying down in the jail & only thinking about Swati’s trouble & writes her name emotionally on the ground saying that I won’t allow anything to happen to you.
Swati simultaneously is also writing Indresh’s name saying that why you never cared of your life only to save me for which I won’t talk to you but I’ll try anything to save you now & keeps crying for him.
Dev Rishi is appreciating to Mata Santoshi about so deep love for each other that only human has the tendency & Mata also says that love is such a beautiful thing which makes us also cry for them hence now as she is going to do her fast tomorrow so I’ll see to it that nobody creates trouble in her fast.
Singhasan wakes us slowly watching his wife while Swati hears alarm & gets up suddenly wondering how come watch is stopped & sees light of moon from window hence thinks to leave immediately to start the fast & gets ready.
Singhasan while taking bag of rope is stopped by his wife asking him what happened & hides the bag to sleep again as she tells him it’s time for Pooja hence to sleep.
Swati performs a small Pooja in house to comfortably start & complete with blessings & leaves while Singhasan also gets up watching his wife asleep & goes to Swati’s room with the rope but he doesn’t find him & comes out of the room while his wife again wakes up & asks him why you got up again but he hides the rope & tells her some sound heard so got up to see.
Swati while leaving alone in midnight is followed by Santoshi Mata to keep tab one her while Dev Rishi also arrives appreciating her that you are doing very good job by securing her as she is so simple person that she isn’t aware that behind her Singhasan is planning evil while Mata tells him it’s good that some things should be unaware at times by human which keeps him doing good work. Dev Rishi asks her will Prabhu Mahadev understand this & Mata tells him let’s see after her Havan & fast finishes.
He asks why you got up & she tells him my eyes opened while Anju comes informing Swati isn’t in her room & she tells her she might have left for her fast as decided but Anju tells her she didn’t woke me as I had arranged the plate of Pooja also kept on the table & Indresh’s mother tells her not to worry & we’ll leave together as she might have not gone so far & after all she is doing all this for Indresh only.
Singhasan after hearing all this throws her plate from her hands in fit of rage while she gets damn depressed asking him that what you are doing this which is happening only for our son but he gets wild warning everybody that once when I had told that to not to care about her then too you are doing the same mistake supporting her because of whom our son is in jail & leaves from there slowly thinking I was planning something else but everything is shattered.
Swati reaches near the River Ganga & arranging to start performing her Pooja while Devi Polomi arrives behind her converting herself in an old woman & uses her powers to bring a crocodile in River saying that I won’t allow your Pooja to start but she starts while old woman calls her but she isn’t saying anything from her mouth due to her fast being started & she is trying to instigate Swati by making herself slip into River & shouting for help while Swati sees crocodile & tends to help her holding her hands & pulling out but unable to hence she sees a rope for help but that too couldn’t help much instead making her pulled into River with the powers used by Devi Polomi & Swati is about to fall in the River while in the meantime Mata holds her hands & brings Devi Polomi into her original form. Devi Polom is shouting Mata that to not to come into my work to help your devotee but instead Mata is telling her this is power of devotion which is helping my devotee & not me which you’ll never understand what the powers are of devotion but Devi Polomi again warns Mata that I won’t allow your devotee to complete this fast while Mata tells her let’s see ahead what wins.

Episode ends
Precap: Singhsan is searching Swati while Dev Rishi directs Swati to start Havan sitting in temple. Singhasan asking his wife about Swati if arrived instead she asks him didn’t you find her at River but he shouts telling her that to only tell about what is asked & she tells him no & he thinks I have to search her anyhow. Dev Rishi is performing Havan for Swati while Tridev’s also arrive in various forms to watch & Swati is offering them Prasad but the deny to take & Swati is surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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