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link to prologue: click here
let’s start with the first episode. [guys this part is just to show about swasan family bonding and a kind of intro +hot romance in the end which you read at your own risk.]
man- princess come dinner is ready.
girl[from upstairs]- comingggg
girl- sankalp come dadda is calling us.
sankalp- haan chalo.

they both came downwards holding each other saw them descending and smiled.
man- shona is the dinner ready. children came.
[yes the lady is shona aka swara]
lady[from kitchen]- haan. just a minute sanskar.
[yes the man is our cute handsome hunk sanskar maheshwari.a successful businessman who stood on his own feet. he has a daughter and a son.]
swara came out and saw them and had a smile on her lips looking at her family which meant her life to her.
girl- dadda you need to teach me and sankalp swimming. today announcement was made in class about a swimming competition. i want to take part in that competiton next time after learning to swim.

sanskar- as my pari orders me.
swara[angry]- ohh hello all remaining talks after dinner.
pari- dadda seems like someone is feeling jealous.
sanskar and pari giggled silently.the swara gave them impossible look.
sankalp[innocently]- pari di who is jealous? what does jealous means.
pari- champ this is elders talks. you should not speak in between.
sankalp- i am grown up and see my height is a little less than you and soon it will be more than you.then i will be elder to you.
sanskar- champ even if your height grows more than pari you will be younger to her.
pari- yes you will always be my younger cute brother.
sankalp[making faces]- boys are handsome, not cute.hai naa dadda.
sanskar- right champ.
pari- but you are cute.

sankalp- don’t call me like that otherwise what will happen to my reputation in front of others.
swasan slightly laughed over his statement and were amused at the same time.
swara- baby who taught you all this.
sankalp- mumma this is common naa. does this need to be taught.
pari- mumma champ is grown up now and he even has a girl friend also.
swara[choked]- what girlfriend???

sankalp- yes mumma today i asked a girl in my class to be my girlfriend. you know she is so sweet and and beautiful too but not more than you and di. she also helps me too.
swara- [shocked] you are just in class 4 and you have a girlfriend. sanskar why are you so silent. tell him something.[to sankalp] see baby this isn’t your age for all this. i don’t send you to school for doing all this. i send you to school to study.sanskar
swara looked at sanskar to speak something.
sanskar- well done champ but remember don’t hurt her and always be a good boy.
swara looked at him with wide eyes.
swara- what type of suggestion it was. you were supposed to scold him .
pari- mumma there is nothing bad in this and you everyone has girlfriend and boyfriend now a days and sankalp is good boy naa so i gave him my approval.
swara- wht you knew it before hand.[ with narrowed eyes] do you have a boyfriend too?
pari- yes mumma.

swara[ shocked]- who?
pari- dadda because i am his princess naa
swara was relieved and at the same time sanskar was overwhelmed by pari’s love.
swara- beta he is your father not your boyfriend.
pari- yes he is the best dadda in the world and he is my boyfriend. dadda you can be my boyfriend naa.
sanskar- yaa my baccha. i don’t have any problem. after all how can i deny my princess wish.
pari- yeyyyy thank you dadda. you are the best.
sanskar- but one doubt pari. why not anyone else. you could have found someone else too from your class.

swara- yaa he is right.
pari- mumma don’t be jealous[sanskar giggled while swara glared her and pari gulped] actually i tested everyone but i could not get even a single boy perfect. pheww. it was tough task to test them even.
sanskar- gave “o” expression. and may i have the pleasure to know what test my princess took to select her boyfriend.

pari[shyly]- i compared them with you and sankalp. but all were useless. if someone looked a little handsome, they didnot have brains and if someone had brains they were ill mannered. everyone total useless.[she made faces]
saanskar-[shocked] pari why you compared them with us. princess everyone in this world has their own distinct behaviour and you should not compare them.
[actually this is my personal opinion when my parents compare me with someone else]
pari- dadda i did not actually compare but tried to find those qualities which you have in them and now i don’t want to discuss more.
pari[saw sankalp deep in thoughts]champ what are you thinking.

sankalp- if dadda is your boyfriend then mumma can be my girlfriend.
sanskar- no she can’t.
swara- why not my baby. i am your girlfriend from now.
sanskar- but you can’t
swara- why can’t i? i think someone is jealous.
sanskar- champ what about your girlfriend you made today in your school.
sankalp[thinking something]- she is my girlfriend in school and mumma will be my girlfriend all the time.[smiled sheepishly]
sanskar- do whatever you all feel like.
pari- dadda why are you becoming sad. i am there naa and you are my boyfriend from now so you should not be sad.

sanskar- [happily] yes my princess. when you are there then i can never be sad.
after they finish their dinner and had ended their discussion happily teasing each other
swara- now both of you go to bed and sleep. you have school tomorrow.
sankalp- mumma dadda today can you tell us bed story.
swasan smiled and all four headed towards kids room.
in kids room they were sleeping like both the kids in between and swara on sankalp side and sanskar on pari’s side.
swasan told them stories and finally they slept.
after they slept swasan came in their room and talking.

sanskar- swara you were jealous of my princess haan.
swara- ohh really. i think you were jealous of my champ.
sanskar- huh why will i be jealous of him.
swara- ya ya i saw there. waise from where he learnt these all in such a small age.
sanskar- does he need to go somewhere else when i am there.
swara- don’t spoil my children. and you were not like this naughty earlier.
sanskar- dear its you who never noticed it. let me show you how naughty i am.

he pulled swara towards him and started giving wet kisses on her neck.
swara-[breathing heavily] san..s…kar plz..
sanskar- [huskily] swara enjoy these moments because today i am not going to leave you and i know you also don’t want to.
sanskar started giving kisses over her neck, collar bone, shoulder and swara was continuously moaning.he kissed her forehead, then on eyes, cheeks, nose, and tenderly kissed her on her lips. he was squeezing her waist while swara was pulling him more on herself.

sanskar bite on her lips and and she gasped. taking it as a chance he entered her mouth and explored each and every corner. they parted when they were out of breath. but sanskar again kissed her wildly. he came down to her collar bone and gave her hickeys. this was it for swara. she rolled over him and kissed him on lips while unbuttoning his shirt. she broke the kiss and started kissing on his chest and biting on his neck to whih sanskar groaned.

sanskar- swaraaaa…
sanskar rolled over her and removed her kurta and sensuously roamed his hand over her back and was kissing her neck. he came down and unhooked her inner and was furiously kissing her every body part. he was kneading her boss*ms and kissing biting and sucking them while swara was continuously moaning his name making him crazy for her.
swara- san…skar…. plz….. i ..wa..nt …….u.
sanskar- hmmm..
they were completely in a different world now.soon there clothes were on the floor and they under the comforter making out.they reached the extremeties of ecstasy and climaxed together.they were all tired but their love for each other never faded.
swara- i love you sanskar.

sanskar- i love you too swara.
they hugged each other tightly and slept peacefully.

epi ends.

precap-an invitation making swara restless.

i know guys this part didnot even give you a basic information of the story but read the upcoming parts and i am sure it won’t be boring although i am not a good writer.sorry for this boring part with the most interested part for you all that is the romance.

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