Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 7

Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs)
Shot 7:
Precap: swara saw shekar and she wants to go to india.

Next morning:
Swasan room:
Swara woke up and her head was paining little. She saw sanskar sleeping on the couch but ignored him and went to fresh up. She get ready in blue saree and then went down. It was Sunday so sanskar was not having office. Swara prepared the breakfast and have it.
Later, Sanskar came and saw swara sitting in hall and reading newspaper.
He went near and said
Sanskar:good morning swara how are u feeling?
She went and place breakfast on table for him. No one spoke a word.

Swara is sitting in hall and cutting vegetables for lunch. Sanskar came and sit near her in order to talk. He was finding way that how he can start the conversation. Before he could speak, door bell rings. Swara went and opened the door. Nikita came inside.
Nikita: hi Swara
Swara(slightly smile): hello
Nikita went and hugged sanskar and sits closely to him. Swara blink her eyes to prevent tears from falling.Sanskar moved little back while staring at swara
Nikita:sanskar let’s go for shopping.
Swara silently took the vegetables bowl and went to kitchen.
Nikita: let’s go Sanskar.
Sanskar: not today Nikita plzz I have some work.
Nikita: why??
Nikita: okay then I should go.bye
Sanskar: bye
Nikita left while Sanskar went to kitchen.

Swara is sniffing and cutting vegetables hastily. Her figure is cut but she didn’t care. Sanskar came near and got shocked seeing blood.He held her hand and stop her.
Sanskar: what are u doing swara your hand is cut.
Swara jerk his hand.
Swara: u don’t worry about me.
Sanskar:are u gone mad show me your hand.
Swara: sanskar don’t act innocent in front of me and your time is over u still didn’t break relation with her so I m going to India.
Sanskar: swara listen..
Swara:just shut up sanskar I don’t want to listen anything. What u think that I m your toy that whenever u want u can play and then throw away.
Sanskar: swara I really want our relation to work.
Swara:u don’t want me as your wife but as a maid who can do your all works and inturn should be silent right?
Sanskar (held her shoulder): how can u compare yourself like this.
Swara push him and shouted
Swara:don’t touch me sanskar u don’t have any right.
Sanskar saw her hand which is completely red due to blood.he went and brought first aid box and held her hand and started dressing it.
Swara(sniffs): Sanskar book my tickets. I don’t want to live here.
Sanskar: swara give me a chance.
Swara: I had already given u and u took it for granted and I know after some days u will leave me so its better I myself should go.
Sanskar: no swara
Swara:if u can’t book tickets tell me I will talk to dad(ram)
Sanskar got shocked and said
Sanskar: okay if u want to go u can I will not force u to live here.
As bandage was done, swara went from there.
Sanskar ask his pa to book one ticket for swara as soon as possible.

Next evening:
After swasan agruments in kitchen no one talked with each other. Now Swara is leaving for airport.
Sanskar (held her hand): swara u are my wife and will always be. I will come soon after settling everything and will give you respectful place in my life.
Swara was just looking down.
Sanskar hugged her tightly but she was like statue neither hugged back nor protested.
Later they left to airport and swara went to India.

After leaving swara, Sanskar came home and looked around. She is not here but he can feel her presence. He is feeling like next moment she will come from kitchen but no she will not come.
He went to his room and sit on couch and even didn’t on the light.
Sanskar POV:
I had hurted swara very badly just for my business. She is right I m selfish and this selfishness has snatched everything from me. But now I have to get back Swara before she goes soo far from me. I can make my company again but will not get swara again. So I will tomorrow break my relation with nikita and tell shekar uncle that I m married to Swara. Let him break the partnership I can do this much for my swara. Seriously my???? Yes she is mine, my wife.
Sanskar ‘s pov ends.
Sanskar slept thinking about swara.

Next day:
Swara reached India and she went to meet her ma and dida.
Bose house:
As the door bell rings, shomi opened the door only to see swara standing with bags.
Shomi(surprised): swara when u came from USA ??
Swara: now only
Shomi: where is Sanskar??
Swara: he didn’t come I came alone.
Swara hugged shomi and closed her eyes as the flashes of her so called father and husband played in her mind.
Shomi: come inside
Swara came inside and met dida. They were happy to see swara but was astonished that why she suddenly came.
Dida: shona u came suddenly any problem.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears. She can control in front of everyone but not in front of her dida and ma.
Swara hugged dida and started crying.
They got worried seeing her condition
Shomi: shona what happened??
Swara: ma Sanskar betrayed me. He loves someone else and even is engaged to her.
Shomi was beyond shock. The thing which happen with her is repeating with her daughter. She can never let happen this with swara as she has already suffered from this pain.
Dida: don’t cry shona we are there for you.
Shomi:Sanskar sent u to India?
Swara:no I myself wanted as I can’t live with that man.
Shomi: swara I support you that u left him.He don’t deserve you.
Dida: did sujata Ji know about this??
Swara: no they don’t know anything.
Shomi; its okay now u take rest we will talk about this later.
Swara nodded and went to her room.

Swara’s room:
Swara is sitting on the bed blankly. She don’t know how her life changed. Firstly her marriage with Sanskar and then his betrayal and finally separation.
Her trance was broken by call. She picked it without seeing the caller id.
Swara: hello
It is sanskar on the other side.
Sanskar: hello swara. U reached safely?
Swara closed her eyes as she realized it was sanskar.
Swara: hmm
Before Sanskar could say further, she said
Swara: bye
She cut the call as she don’t want to talk to him. It’s hurting her.No doubt she don’t love him but still they were married but he didn’t care at all.
Sanskar felt bad that she is not interested to talk to him but the reason was also he himself.
To be continued…

Precap: Sanskar break all relations with Nikita and comes to India

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